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The Panya Indra Golf Club, Bangkok, Thailand

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The Panya Indra Golf Club

was developed by The Panya Group in 1989. Created by top U.S. designer Ronald Fream, it is located on 800 rai of land on Ramindra Rd.

Panya Indra Golf Club comprises three separate 9-hole championship courses, each with an individual design and unique setting. Each course offers its own distinctly different playing experience. You can choose the Lagoon Course, Palm Course or Garden Course. These three beautifully sculpted courses are located in one exotic tropical location, offering the player a golfing paradise.

These courses are very popular with local players and foreign visitors alike. The courses are open six days a week and night golf is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Address : 99/1 Moo 6, Ramindra Road (Km. 9) Buengkhum, Bangkok, 10230

Tel. (66 2) 943 0000 - 24, Ext 320, 321;

(66 2) 519 5840 - 4 (reservations)

Fax (66 2) 943 - 0000, Ext. 125  E-mail:

Web Site :

Closed  Every  Monday

Bangkok Page 29, Panya Indra Golf Club, Bangkok
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