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Pattaya - 147 Km from Bangkok. About 1.30 hours drive via the Bangna - Trat Highway or by Motorway from Rama 9 road in BKK. A daily bus service runs from Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal & Southern Bus Terminal. There is also a rail link

 (see getting around in Thailand section for time table) which takes about 3.30 hours. The fare by Taxi is between 1200 Baht and 1500 Baht, some taxi drivers pay the toll charges others ask you to pay. Fix the price before you start your journey.The Bus station in Pattaya is near the Central Pattaya road where you can then get a mini bus into any of the parts of  Pattaya that you wish to go. The Main Bus station where most of  the Air Conditioned Bus’s from Bangkok arrive is in the North Pattaya road area.

Pattaya Page 1 - 147 Km from bangkok
Pattaya Page 1 - 147 Km from bangkok
Pattaya Beach showing the fantastic coast line looking North

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That also includes Pattaya

Pattaya, just 147 kilometres South East of Bangkok.
Pattaya Page 1 - 147 Km from bangkok
Chonburi Province Page 1 History & Location