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The Beach along the Pattaya Beach Road is a great place to have a great day out.Many enterprising Thai’s run the Beach Bars and they own the deck chairs and  sun shades, they make a nominal charge for the hire of  them they can provide you with beer or food if you wish.

But here to you will find many street sellers constantly pestering you to buy all kinds of goods and services. You can even get a proper Thai massage led down on the Beach

Pattaya Beach early morning

(about 8.0 am) before all the people fill the deck chairs

Also in Pattaya there are many business’s that cater for the motorcyclist. They rent out all manner and makes of motorbikes and scooters. Rate depends on what you want and for how long. They will keep your passport for the bigger bikes

You will find many water sports are  available here. In particular Jet-skiing. I made my first venture on one of these here and it was really enjoyable, totally different to driving anything else. The cost then was around 750 Baht for one hour use. There are many for rent along the Beach.

Pattaya Beach  looking South towards the famous hillside Pattaya sign

The same Beach later in the day showing the many sun shade umbrella’s and the long line of deck chairs that seem to stretch for miles

Pattaya, Page 2a, Video’s of Motorbike ride around Pattaya and  Jomtien, Chon Buri Province.
Pattaya Page 2 The Beach at Pattaya
Pattaya Page 2 The Beach at Pattaya
Pattaya Page 2 The Beach at Pattaya
Pattaya Page 2 The Beach at Pattaya