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Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Events / festivals / Dining

Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Page 19, The main Resort in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Hua Hin.

Events and Festivals

Hua Hin Jazz Festival  -  is a festival presenting the musical performances of many Thai’s and international musicians. It is organised nearby the Hua Hin seaside around June.

Khao Chong Krachok Tak Bat Devo Ceremony  -  is organized at Wat Thammikaram Worawihan, at the foot of Khao Chong Krachok, Mueang District, Prachuap Khiri Khan during the End of Buddhist Lent every year. Besides an exhibition of votive tablets and Buddha images, there is also a traditional Chak Phra Festival and float parade of the Lord Buddha’s biography.

A Fair to Commemorate the Heroic Deeds of 8th  December 1941 is organised at Ao Manao within the compound of Wing 53,  ( It is home to the 53 rd US Air force base, and was an invasion point for Japanese troops during World War II ) Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan, from 7th to the 10th  December to commemorate and honour the heroic deeds of the Thai civilians, police and soldiers who fought in the battle with the Japanese army which brought their troops into Thailand at Ao Manao during World War II on 8th December, 1941. In the event, there are academic exhibitions of the air force authorities and various other governmental offices, booths offering local products, and various forms of entertainment such as Lam Tat - a performance presenting an exchange of impromptu poetic verse, and Khon - a mask dance - in  impromptu style.

Dining in Prachuap Khiri Khan

The town is well known for it's exceptionally fresh and inexpensive seafood, with evening stalls setting up near the fishing pier in the centre of Prachuap Bay, just by the promenade that runs the entire length of the remarkably picturesque bay. There is also a night market in the large square in front of the police station at the centre of town, offering a good variety of inexpensive culinary delights including some interesting local specialities.

Monkey Temple

At the northern end of town is Wat Thammikaram, a temple atop a steep hill. Climbing to the top of this hill is an effort, but rewards with great views of the bay and surrounding countryside. A large troop of monkeys live on the temple grounds and a fountain statue honouring them is at the base of the hill, where many people go to feed or just watch the monkeys.


Although Prachuap Bay does not offer good swimming, there are decent beaches to both the north and south. Ao Manao to the south is particularly pleasant, but can only be reached through the air force base, the site of the Battle of Prachuap Khiri khan, a famous skirmish between a Japanese landing force and members of the Thai air force supported by local civilians during World War Two. However, the beach is simple to reach regardless, as people not on foot can gain access to the base through the main gate from town, with non-Thais simply needing to sign in and out.

Cruising along the Pran River

The Pran River originates from the Kaeng Krachan forest, passing mountains in the west before flowing into the sea at the mouth of the Pran River. Long-tail boats ply past important local attractions such as the City Pillar Shrine and Chaomae Thapthim  Shrine.

Local products include accessories from  coconut shells, Khommaphat printed fabric, the printed fabric in traditional Thai patterns, brooms, utensils made of sisal fibre, bamboo woven products, as well as fresh and preserved food.

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