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Phetchaburi Province Page 3, Getting to Phetchaburi Province



Phetchaburi Provincial Office Tel: 0 3242 5573

Phetchaburi Public Relations Tel: 0 3242 8047

Phetchaburi District Office Tel: 0 3242 5544

Phra Chom Klao Hospital Tel:. 0 3240 1251-7

Phetchaburi Police Tel: 0 3242 8551, 0 3241 7106

Highway Police Tel: 0 3242 5005, 0 3242 4500

Phetchaburi Post Office Tel: 0 3242 5146, 0 3242 5571

Phetchaburi Railway Station Tel: 0 3242 5211

Phetchaburi Bus Terminal Tel: 0 324 25307


Cha am


Cha am District Office Tel: 0 3247 1361, 0 3247 2502, 0 3247 1078

Cha am Hospital Tel: 0 3247 1007

Cha am Police Station Tel:. 0 3247 1321, 0 3243 4021-2

Cha am Post Office Tel:. 0 3247 1252

Cha am Railway Station Tel: 0 3247 1159

Bus Terminal Tel: 0 3247 1615 (Cha am Intersection) 0 3247 1654, 0 3243 3288 (Chai Hat Cha-am)

Cha am Tourist Police Centre Tel:. 0 3251 5995

Highway Police Tel:. 1193

Tourist Police Tel: 1155

Phetchaburi Tourist Information Centre Tel: 0 3240 2220

Useful Telephone numbers when in Phetchaburi Province

Places of Interest around Phetchaburi Province


Maruekhathaiyawan Palace  - Situated at Km. 216 or eight kilometres south of Cha am district, this beach side wooden palace was formerly used as a royal summer residence by King Rama VI during the 1920’s. The palace is located within the Border Patrol Police Headquarters south of Cha-am on the road to Hua Hin. Facing the open sea, the palace is called the palace of love and hope”. The compound is open everyday from 8.30 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is 30 Baht. Call 0 3250 8039 for more information.

Huai Sai Wildlife Breeding Centre  - 14 km south of Cha am at Km. 220, a 4-kilometre branch road leads to the Huai Sai Wildlife Breeding Centre where wild animals, both mammals and birds, are conserved in its shady area. The centre is open every day from 8 a.m.-4.30 p.m. Admission is free. Call 0 3259 3252 for more information.

Khao Bandai It  - This hill is 121 metres high and just two km south of Khao Wang. It is the site of an ancient temple of the Ayutthaya Period. There are several caves called Tham Prathun, Tham Phra Chao Suea, and Tham Phra Phuttha Saiyat. Khao Bandai It, like Khao Wang, is full of wild monkeys. Please stay away from them and do not give them any food.

Tham Khao Luang  - Located five km north of Khao Wang, this cave houses a Buddha image cast by the royal command of King Rama V as a dedication to King Rama III and King Rama IV. At the foot of the Khao Luang Hill, there is a large monastery called “Wat Tham Klaep” or Wat Bun-thawi which has a very large hall and a chapel with beautifully carved door panels.

Phetchaburi Province Page 5, Places of Interest around Phetchaburi Province