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Golfing In Thailand, an Introduction to Golfing in Thailand
Golfing in Thailand, Thailand's Golfers & Tournaments

History of Golf in Thailand

Golf arrived in Thailand during the reign of King Rama V, 100 years ago. It was first played by nobles and other elitists of high society but since then, things have certainly changed. Over the past decade or so, the popularity of golf in Thailand has escalated; played both by local Thais and visiting foreign tourists and expatriates.


Cuisine: All the major cities also have a wide selection of international restaurants. Thai food has climbed the ladder in regards to popularity and is now one of the world’s favourite cuisines. Thai food is obviously tastier and far cheaper than in Europe or The US.


Culture & Customs: Thailand prides itself in that the country has never been colonialized, so holding on to its original beliefs and ways of life. Many foreigners enjoy coming to Thailand just to join in a couple of the customs such as Songkran and Loy Krathong.


Things to do: Besides just playing golf, there is a lot more recreation possible in Thailand. There is shopping, spa, swimming, sunbathing, nightlife and trekking etc.


Being the small country it is, makes travelling to your course of choice convenient. You can be rest-assured that  by car or plane, you are never more than a 90 minute trip away from a 5 star golf course.


Besides its stunning islands and bustling cities, Thai people are also world famous for that one and only ‘smile’, one that is now synonymous with Thailand. One can expect to be greeted everywhere with a Thai smile which will brighten the day and warm the heart. Thailand is not nick-named the ‘Land of Smiles’ for no good reason.

Thailand is unique in South-East Asia as never having been colonized by a Western power. And it is this independence which has ensured an untouched culture seeped in belief in Buddhism and respect for the monarchy. One can come to Thailand and enjoy Thai traditions which have grown immensely in popularity in foreign countries, of these we have Thai boxing, Thai massage, Thai cooking, Thai dance and Thai music. Out of the golf course, Thailand boasts thousands of traditional temples, modern shopping malls, street markets, museums, restaurants and bars. Something for every taste.


What is the best time of the year for golf?


Golf can be played in Thailand every day of the year. During the rainy season June – October, all the courses have drainage systems so they are still playable, no problems. The hot season is a good time for playing golf and getting a suntan, this runs through March-April. The cool season is probably the freshest time of the year though for golfing in Thailand, November – February.

The history of Golf in Thailand