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Golfing in Thailand, Golf Schools & Driving ranges

Tips on how to  enjoy  Golf in Thailand

Now, when foreigners come to a place like The Land of Smiles to play golf, having a good time is of the up most priority.

The Thai’s are pretty laid-back, so do not complain a lot even if they lose, in fact they usually do not even have handicaps.

The Thais really appreciate foreigners who attempt to learn some of the local language and even if it’s only a few words the foreigner can say, he will be making many new friends in no time.

In Thailand membership is not needed to play at a golf course.

Friendly pretty caddies and carts can be hired for a fraction of the cost of the Western world. A lot of foreigners may be mystified to see their caddies walking around in blazing temperatures but being typical Thai they do not like the sun.

Clubs and all equipment can be hired in Thailand.

All foreigners when entering the gold course should adhere to Thai ways and dress respectably when out on the course and that means wearing a suitable shirt & trousers (or skirt) and shoes, no-one is allowed in if they course show up bare-chested wearing only shorts and sandals

Thailand’s culture, traditions and etiquette

Just like any country in the world, the locals are proud of their country and culture and appreciate foreigners who take the time to read up and adhere to some of their ways.

The Thais avoid confrontation, arguing and constant bickering, so the foreign visitor ought to relax, be patient and chill out.

Unlike in the West sometimes, a Thai would never start waving his arms frantically in the air and making a big fuss if his waitress or waiter got the order slightly wrong,

There is a phrase in Thai ‘Mai pen rai’ which means ‘never mind’/it's all right’. If the foreign visitor respects the locals they will respect back; it is advised to try to have good manners always.

Another phrase in Thai that the foreigner should know is ‘nam jai’ literally ‘water heart’ which means ‘understanding’/ ‘considerate’, most of the times the Thais will selflessly go out of their way to ensure that the foreigner’s stay in Thailand is a truly pleasant one. Appreciation for such acts of kindness should be returned.

Thais greet each other by ‘wai-ing’, this is done by placing ones palms together in prayer-like fashion and placing them on the chest with the tip of the fingers touching the nose. The depth of the wai depends on the amount of respect someone wants to show.

Age and social class is very important, Thai’s show a lot of respect to elderly folk and those in authority. This is part of Thailand’s pee-nong system or in English, patron-client-relationship

The person of whom is the lesser, for example the younger, should usually  wai first.

Thai’s do not usually wai children or service assistance's, such as waiters or taxi drivers. The Thai’s think its funny when they see foreign visitors doing this.

Thailand is a Buddhist country and so the head is the most sacred part of the body, it is essential not to touch someone there.

Tips on how to help you enjoy Golf in Thailand

Golfing in Thailand, Thailand's culture, traditions & etiquette