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Diving in Thailand


Without a doubt Thailand is home to some of the finest and most beautiful beaches and islands in the world, surrounded by crystal clear water and stunning coral. And that is the main reason why the number of divers coming to Thailand has escalated over the past decade or so.

Even though the best time of the year to dive in Thailand is between October and June, it is still perfectly possible to dive virtually any day of the year. As diving in Thailand is considered one of the safest destinations for diving and snorkelling in the world, it is perfect for first-timers wanting to try these pastimes out.

The sea visibility in some places of Thailand is almost unbelievable; which means talking about distances of up to 30 meters – unheard of in most parts of the world. You can enjoy splendid sights of underwater mountains, coral gardens, undersea rock formations, hard and soft coral, whale sharks, silver tip sharks, manta rays and even sunken battleships.

History of Diving in Thailand

Diving in Thailand is a recently new phenomenon beginning with the American Navy  SEAL's during the Vietnam War. Thailand’s first ever diving store was opened in Pattaya in just 1977 and shortly after that very year, the popularity of diving for both Thais and foreigners in Thailand exploded.

After Pattaya, the next destination to see divers arriving by the busload was Phuket and they were soon heading out to dive in the gorgeous Similan Islands and the rest of the stunning Andaman Sea. In the fact, the Similan islands have been ranked as one of the top ten diving sites in the entire world. Today, diving is popular all over the Andaman Sea, including the virtually unseen Tarutao and Surin islands.

Over on the other side of Thailand in the Gulf of China, Koh Tao (Turtle Island) has recently emerged as the biggest diving destination in Thailand with over 20 major centres located on the island.

It is believed that Thailand is now the most popular destination for diving in the whole of Asia.

Diving in Thailand, want the facts? They are here !

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