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This stunning part of Thailand offers some terrific diving and snorkelling sites with plenty of succulent soft coral, limestone crops and diversity of marine life. One can go diving for example off the nearby islands of Podah Nai and Nok.


The most popular destination however, in Krabi, is the beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi. Even though the island was struck badly by the Tsunami disaster in 2004, the area has recovered impressively and divers are coming back in flocks. The island has two remarkable limestone crops divided by a narrow flat isthmus and it is there where most of the visitors stay. Koh Phi Phi has an abundance of succulent coral and colourful schools of fish.


A popular and perhaps the best dive site off Koh Phi Phi is King Cruiser which claims remnants of a passenger ship which sunk in 1997 after it hit the Anemone reef. The Anemone reef is in itself a unique dive site with a massive limestone pinnacle which soars 30 meters from the seabed to just four meters beneath the surface. The site is well-known for its abundance of sea anemones that cling to every surface while attracting enormous schools of fish. Different types of fish to be seen include: tropical's, snappers, groupers and colourful clown fish, along with larger game-fish like tuna and barracuda as well as the occasional leopard shark.


There is also Shark Point which is a marine sanctuary with a reef that comprises of three pinnacles. The largest of which actually breaks the surface appearing as a barren rock outcropping. The reef is home to a delightful abundance of tropical's, colourful soft corals and vibrant sea fans that decorate the limestone pinnacles.


Along the sea from Krabi Town is quiet Koh Lanta, in fact the island is not just one but 15 The major island of Koh Lanta Yai is about 25 km long with a string of white sandy beaches. The diving sites surrounding Koh Lanta are considered by many to be among some of the best the country has to offer. There is an enormous variety of fringing reefs, marine life, caves, rocks and islets.


Hin Daeng and Hin Muang near Koh Lanta are definitely two of the most favoured dive sites in Thailand. Hin Daeng has the steepest and deepest in the whole of the country with fantastic marine life. Hin Muang next door is completely underwater and it is covered with delicate violet coral.


Other dive spots in Krabi province include Gareng Heng rock outcrop and the five islands of Koh Ha.

Diving Destinations & Sites around Thailand

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