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The Grand Palace, the buildings within the complex

Within the complex are many buildings for different purposes and in differing styles reflecting the architecture of the various reigns. However, despite their differences the most of the structures adhere strictly to traditional Thai style. There are 12 small pavilions surrounding the Ubosot (Chapel). Besides that, Phra Sri Rattana Chedi is on the left, Phra Mondop (Library) is on the middle and on the right is Prasart Phra Thep Bidorn are situated in The Upper Terrace.

On this section are four main monuments:
The Reliquary in the shape of a golden Chedi, the Repository of the Canon of Buddhism with its mother-of-pearl cabinet that displays the palm leaf scriptures at various times of the year, the model of Angkor Wat crafted by Royal Command of King Mongkut (Rama IV); and the Royal Pantheon where statues of past sovereigns of the ruling dynasty are enshrined.

Scattered round these monuments on the terrace are various animals in mythology, evolved out of the imagination of artists, valued for their aesthetic inspiration.

To the north of the terrace on the level ground there are three interesting buildings,  the Scripture Library, the west facade of which is said to be the finest in Bangkok; the gabled Wiharn decorated with tiles and porcelain; and the mausoleum of the Royal Family - in which are  kept the crematory relics of several members of the Royal Family.

Behind the Assembly Hall on the west side are two small chapels housing effigies of the Buddha, in the northerly one of which are murals accredited to the famous painter Khrua In Khong of the fourth reign period. The murals have been so toned down with age that they look all the more aesthetic.

The Galleries

The grounds of the Royal Monastery are enclosed by galleries, the walls of which are decorated with scenes from the Ramakien, first painted during the reigns of King Rama 1 and since then restored several times. The first scene of the story is found next to the east gate, just opposite Phray Wiharn Yod.

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Grand Palace ( Bangkok ) Page 3, The buildings witin the complex
Grand Palace ( Bangkok ) Page 3, The buildings witin the complex
Grand Palace ( Bangkok ) Page 3, The buildings witin the complex