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The Grand Palace, The Dusit Group

Dusit Maha Prasat Hall

The Dusit Group
Here we have an audience hall with a throne of mother-of-pearl surmounted by the usual nine-tiered white canopy, the mark of a duly crowned king. At the back of this audience hall is yet a living quarter. All are built in pure Siamese architecture of perfect proportions. In front of this group is the Disrobing Pavilion--Arpornphimok-- which was reproduced and sent to adorn the Thailand exhibits at the Exhibition of Brussels in 1958.

King Rama I built the Dusit Maha Prasat as a replacement for an earlier wooden Phra Thinang Amarintharapisek Maha Prasat which burned down in 1790. King Rama I intended that the present building be used for his own Lying-in-State as it has the same height and dimensions as the Phra Thinang Suriyamarin at Ayutthaya, the customary hall for the Lying-in-State of Ayutthaya kings.

Thus the principal function of the Dusit Maha Prasat has been and still is a Hall for Lying-in-State of kings, queens and honoured members of the royal family. This Hall is also used for the annual Consecration Day Ceremony (Phra Ratcha Phithi Chat Mongkhon). It houses many important objects.

Phra Ratcha Banlang Pradap Muk
A wooden throne decorated with mother-of-pearl in-lay which is sheltered by a Nine-Tiered Great White Umbrella of State. This throne was made originally for the former Amarintharapisek Maha Prasat and was saved from the fire that consumed the building. For the Consecration Day Ceremony, which is held on the fifth of May, the Five Insignia of Kingship (Pancha Ratcha Kakuthapan) are placed on the throne. When the hall is used for Lying-in-State a Buddha image is placed on this throne.

Top picture right applicable to this write up. The others are general pictures within the Grand Palace.

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Grand Palace ( Bangkok ) Page 6, The Dusit Group
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