Diving in Thailand page 5, Great Diving places around Thailand
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Khao Lak


Khao Lak Marine National Park a palm fringed coastline with newly discovered reefs. The area is home to a plentitude of marine life and even a couple of wrecks.


Mergui Archipelago


This brand new diving area just south of Burma has only been opened to the public since 1997. The area is still relatively unknown and unexploded and offers the opportunity for divers to visit exciting new dive sites. The representation of coral however is sporadic and the underwater terrain is rather rugged, so making it all not quite and spectacular as the nearby Similan Islands. Parts of the area attract a diversity of sharks, manta eagle and marbled rays.


The Gulf of Thailand


Introduction: This cost of Thailand is a gigantic shallow depression just south of Cambodia. It is roughly 60 meters deep with a maximum of 85. The area boasts a staggering 112 islands with countless fringing reefs with rocks and succulent seabed. The reefs are not as varied as that of the Andaman Sea but the marine life is still prolific.


Koh Tao


Koh Tao meaning Turtle Island, has grown into the hottest diving area in the country. The island with only an area of 21 sq km lies north of Koh Samui and Koh Phang-ngan. Koh Tao’s astonishing popularity could be because there is something to satisfy every level of diver.


The Chumphon Pinnacle, located 11 km from Koh Tao is considered by many divers to be the finest dive site in the region. It consists of a massive granite pinnacle and a series of smaller one. It starts at 14 mtr underwater and drops to a low of 26, covered with sea anemones and pink anemones fish. Divers can even see schools of barracuda, jacks and batfish, then during the right season whale sharks and mantas appear.


Green Rock

between just one and 28 meters deep are boulder formations which an array of short tunnels and swim throws. Diving at the rock offers the splendid opportunity to enjoy parrot fish breeding, white eyed morays and blue spotted rays. The area is safe and is perfect for everyone of every level. It is believed to be one of the most exciting sites in the Koh Tao area.

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