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Out of all these courses offered by in Thailand, the basic Scuba Diver course is the most popular.


Types of Diving Available in Thailand    


    1. Snorkelling

   2. Free diving

   3. Scuba diving

   4. Eco diving

   5. Wreck diving

   6. Night diving

   7. Rescue diving

   8. Cave Diving

   9. Diving with disabilities


All the above types of diving can be experienced in Thailand at all major diving sites except number 5. Wreck Diving can be found at The Similan's, Koh Phi Phi and Pattaya.


Of all the types of diving available in Thailand snorkelling and scuba diving are the most popular. Since people are becoming more and more aware of man-made destruction of natural coral etc. The popularity of Eco-diving has been soaring over the past few years.


Diving Vacation in Thailand


Day Trips

Usually, day trips itinerary and timetable are designed to allow the diver access to select his favourite local dive sites. With two or three dive options, he can choose the trip best suitable to him. The trips usually include hotel transfers, a dive master or instructor, tanks, weights, and belts, lunch, and three to four dives--depending on the day, the destination, and the boat.

Two-day trips are also available which usually include 7-dives, hotel accommodation, and meals.




Types of Diving Available in Thailand. Diving Vacations in Thailand.  

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