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Basic Etiquette for Scuba Divers ( for those that are not sure or just starting out )

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Basic Etiquette for Scuba Divers


There is the problem of applying anti-fogging compound to the lenses of the diving mask.


1. Saliva is the proper substance and should, as far as possible, avoid involving post-nasal drip. Saliva should be applied in the least noisy manner possible and with as little foreign matter (coffee grinds or other materials normally associated with un- brushed teeth) as possible.

2. The mask should be held in the diver’s own hands, close to his own face, while applying the compound.

3.  A diver should only use one of his own hands to evenly spread the anti-fogging compound on the lenses of your mask and rinse that hand over the side before attempting last-minute cheek pinches, pats, squeezes or hugs.

4. Do rinse the mask after spreading the compound.


Since many divers are prone to seasickness, a few guidelines to help carry off bouts of this affliction with decorum are offered:


1. Never eat scratchy stuff. Stick to smooth, pleasant tasting basics that will not ferment or multiply in your stomach.

2. Enduring misery up on deck, in the fresh air, is usually more practical than below deck where the atmosphere may be contaminated with diesel fumes, fish bait or cooking odours.

3. Remember that divers usually get picked up on the leeward side (downwind) of the boat as the skipper normally uses the wind to drift onto the waiting divers. These swimmers would appreciate a warning well in advance.


Medical Consideration / Medical Conditions

There are some medical conditions that may exclude the diver from SCUBA diving, some of these conditions are

Seasickness /  Asthma /  Diabetes /  Drugs and Medications /  Alcohol /  Cigarettes /  Marijuana /  Menstruating Female

Pregnancy /  Nervous system disorders /  Some cancers /  Hepatitis /  Malaria


With some, it is the condition itself, and others, it is the drugs that are given for the condition that excludes one from diving. Unfortunately, the medical profession doesn’t give black and white answers and some of the conditions require the diver to accept the risk and responsibility for the decision. But, research is being conducted by various agencies around the world all the time and things do change from time to time.

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