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Diving in Thailand  additional information for the Diver


Dive Insurance


It is advised that all divers have their own travel and diving insurance. In the very  unlikely  event of a problem, treatment for diving accidents can be expensive. The general travel insurance may  cover diving, but one should check this before travelling.


When not to dive


A person should not dive when he is:


   - Uncertified

   - Tired

   - Dehydrated

   - It is raining (with or without lightning)

   - Sick, have sinus congestion, runny  nose, fever, etc.

   - Have trouble clearing the Eustachian tubes ("equalizing")

   - Scuba gear is not working

   - Nitrogen level is too high (take a surface interval)

   - The water is choppy, rough or visibility  is poor

   - No buddy to dive with

   - Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

   - Have preexisting health problems that may  present hazards (see the doctor)

   - Short of breath, asthmatic or have problems with allergies.


Useful Telephone Number and Web site


TDA Diving Association (Thailand): 52 Moo 5, Thanon Thepkrasattri, Ampher Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand Tel : (+66) 076-206514 - 5 Fax : (+66) 076-206094 Email : office@cmas-thailand.org

World Underwater Federation  http://www.cmas2000.org/index.asp

International Diving Association  http://www.ida-worldwide.com/index_english.html

PADI  http://www.padi.com/padi/default.aspx

NAUI  http://www.nauiww.org

Additional information for the Diver wanting to Dive in Thailand

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