Chachoengsao Province page 1 map and history
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Chachoengsao Province in Thailand

Chachoengsao  is a province in Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are ( from north clockwise) Prachin Buri, Sa Kaeo, Chanthaburi, Chon Buri, Samut Prakan, Bangkok, Pathum Thani and Nakhon Nayok. It also has a short coast to the Gulf of Thailand. Chachoengsao is in the Central region. It has an old history  dating back to the reign of King Borommatrailokkanat in the Ayutthaya period. Most of the people have settled by  the Bang Pakong River and along canals. Luangpho Phuttha Sothon  is a centre of faith of the people of Paet Riu. In the past, Chachoengsao was a fourth class city under the Ministry of Defence.

During the reign of King Rama I, it was attached to the Ministry of Interior. Until the reign of King Rama V who changed the administration system, Chachoengsao became a city in the Prachin Buri Circle. In 1916, its status was changed from a city to a province. Chachoengsao is a Khmer word which means a deep canal. The west part of the province is the low river plain of the Bang Pa Kong River, which is used extensively for farming rice. To the east is more hilly terrain, with an average height of more than 100 mtr.  above sea level.

The town was established in the year 1549 during the reign of King Maha Chakkraphat of Ayutthaya and originally used as a centre for armed force recruitment. During the reign of King Maha Thammaracha, the kingdom was in a weak condition due to being defeated by the Burmese. Phraya Lawaek, the Khmer king located Thai people from several towns including Chachoengsao to be his work force. Chachoengsao is commonly called Paet Riu, such a name is derived from large sized fish locally caught in the past. The town is some 100 km's. east of Bangkok occupying an area of 5,351 square kilometres. Its area is a low basin rich in rice fields, fish farms and fruit orchard

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