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Places to Visit around the Province of Chachoengsao, Thailand

Chachoengsao Province page 2 Districts and how to get there Chachoengsao Province, Page 4, more places of Interest

Wihan Chamlong  - The imitation image of Luangpho Sothon is enshrined in the Wihan Chamlong (imitation image hall). Since the old Ubosot was dilapidated and narrow, it was demolished and replaced by a new one. The imitation image of Luangpho Sothon was moved from the old ordination hall to the Wihan Chamlong for the general public to pay homage as usual. The image hall is open from 7.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. on weekdays, and from 7.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. at weekends.

In the area opposite the temple, there are shops of food products and souvenirs of Chachoengsao province. For more information about the temple, call Tel. 0 3851 1048, 0 3851 1666. At the temple’s pier, there is a boat service. Visitors can cruise along the Bang Pakong River to Talat Ban Mai (Ban Mai Market).

Phraya Sisunthonwohan ( Noi Acharayangkun ) Monument  - is located on Si Sothon Tat Mai Road, opposite the Sammanakhan Bang Pakong Park ( Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University ). The statue which was cast from metal is 2.65 m high. The opening ceremony was performed on 8 June 1999. Phraya Sisunthonwohan (Noi Acharayangkun) was a native of Paet Rio. He was a scholar of Thai language who served the royal court closely throughout his whole life from the reign of King Rama III to King Rama V. He composed poems, proverbs, and royal ceremonial announcements. Also, he was the author of many textbooks on Thai language for teaching purposes, such as Munlabot Banphakit, Wahanit Nikon, Akson Prayok, Sangyok Phithan, Waiphot Phichan, Phisan Karan, etc.; these can be considered the most complete textbooks for Thai youth at that time.

Chachoengsao City Fortress  - is located on Maruphong Road. Built in 1794, during the reign of King Rama III, under the supervision of Krommaluang Ronnaret,the fortress was made to protect an enemy invasion. In the reign of King Rama V, it was a stronghold for an army to suppress the Ang Yi rebellion of illegal Chinese opium traders who instigated chaos and robbed the people. In front of the fortress, a public park has been established. Visitors can relax in the park and see the view of the Bang Pakong River. Inactive cannons can be seen on the city wall.

Chachoengsao Province page 3, places to visit around the Province
Chachoengsao Province page 3, places to visit around the Province
Chachoengsao Province page 3, places to visit around the Province