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Amphoe Sanam Chai Khet

Wanakaset or Village Society Development Study Centre or Ban Santitham  -  is located in Tambon Lat Krathing on an area of almost 10 rai. More than 700 - 800 species of plants are grown as herbs for medical treatment. Inside, there is a wooden Thai–styled house on stilts with rhombus-shaped roof tiles. The ground floor is used for a meeting or lecture. Folk utensils, ancient objects, and items of the old days have been kept and displayed on the upper floor. At the back, there is an imitation of a rice barn, accompanied with equipment for threshing and hulling paddy. Some part of the house is set aside for youth camping, comprising a recreational ground and an activity area. This is an ideal place for those who are interested in a natural self-reliant way of life. For more information, contact Mr. Wibun Khemchaloem at Tel. 0 3859 7441, 0 3859 7715. To get there: Take Highway 3245 ( Phanom Sarakham – Sanam Chai Khet ) and turn right to Highway 3259

( Sanam Chai Khet – Tha Takiap ) for around 3 km.

Wat Phrathat Wayo ( Wat Huai Nam Sap ) is located at Mu 2, Tambon Lat Krathing. Take Highway 3259 ( Sanam Chai Khet – Tha Takiap ), about 9 km from the town of Phanom Sarakham. The temple has many interesting points. Luangpho Yai is a large Buddha image in the posture of giving blessing with the lap width of 17 m, the height of 19 m, and the base height of 5 m. Phra Mahathat Chedi is a bell-shaped pagoda decorated with yellow, dark blue and white glass. It is 50 m in height and has a base of 45 m in circumference. The Lord Buddha’s relics are enshrined here. Inside, there are many Buddha images and oil paintings depicting the Lord Buddha’s life. There is a staircase to the upper floors. On the top floor, a panoramic view and the Lat Krathing small-scale reservoir can be seen. In addition, in the temple compound lays the monument of Than Pho Khun, monument of Somdet Pho Saen Kham Fa, and Wihan (hall) of the reclining Buddha image. The temple has natural ambience suitable for recreation. It is open from 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Amphoe Tha Takiap

Krabok Khu Wildlife Breeding Station  - is located on Highway 3259 ( Phanom Sarakham – Tha Takiap )  at Km 29 – 30, around 3 km before Amphoe Tha Takiap. The station conducts research, breeding, and propagating of rare and endangered species. It serves as a research and study centre for students and those who are interested. Inside, there is monkey, gibbon, langur, bear, peacock, white-winged wood duck, etc. For a group tour, contact should be made in advance to the Chief of the Krabok Khu Wildlife Breeding Station at Tel. 08 9589 9167.

Khlong Siyat Reservoir -  is located at Mu 2, Tambon Tha Takiap, around 90 km to the southeast of the city of Chachoengsao. Follow Highway 3259 to Km 36 ( around 4 km beyond Amphoe Tha Takiap ). The reservoir’s entrance is opposite the Khlong Takrao Sub-district Administration Organisation. It is an earthy reservoir that keeps water for agricultural purposes. The surrounding landscape is beautiful. Food shops are available by the reservoir. It is a suitable place for visitors to enjoy themselves, have food, and admire nature. Located in the nearby area is the Chaopho Khao Ka Spirit Shrine which is worshipped by the villagers. For more information, contact the Irrigation Office 9 at Tel. 0 3850 8242.