Chachoengsao Province page 6, Ban Pho,Talat Khlong Suan Roi Pi ( 100-year-old Garden - Canal Market )
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Wat Sampathuan Nok  - is located on Supphakit Road. Initially, the temple was named Wat Suan Phrik (Nok). It was built by In, a Buddhist monk, and the villagers in the late Thon Buri period. The name ‘Sampathuan’ was gradually changed from the wording ‘Sam Phra Thuan’ (three Buddha images floating upstream against the current), which is related to the legend of Luangpho Phuttha Sothon. The most interesting item is the Ubosot (ordination hall) with the stucco design on the eaves of its balcony, which was built when Phra Phutthirangsimuniwong (Ho Phromchoto) was the abbot. The design depicts the story in the Vessantara Jataka (the tenth incarnation of the Lord Buddha) and the way of life in the past of the people of Paet Rio. At the temple’s front, there is a beautiful Buddha image’s tower. The Bang Pakong Dam can be seen in the distance from the temple’s pier.

Bang Pakong Dam  -  is located in Ban Phai Sawek, Tambon Bang Kaeo, about 6 km from town on the Chachoengsao – Bang Khla route. It is under the Bang Pakong River Development Project. The dam serves as a wall to protect the area from saline water, and a source of water for consumption, and allocation to support an expansion of the industrial sector in the East.

Amphoe Ban Pho

Talat Khlong Suan Roi Pi ( 100 year old Garden - Canal Market ) is located in Tambon Theppharat, Amphoe Ban Pho, Chachoengsao, and the Municipality of Tambon Khlong Suan, Amphoe Bang Bo, Samut Prakan. In the past, Khlong Suan was a waterway to Bangkok, starting from the Tha Thua sluice gate ( Chachoengsao ), past the Garden-Canal Market, toward Pratu Nam (Wang Sa Pathum) in Bangkok. From the past to the present, the people here, a combination of Thai Chinese, Buddhist, and Muslim people, live their happy life harmoniously. This can be seen by the different buildings, such as a Chinese vegetarian hall, Thai temple, Muslim mosque, etc., standing together in proximity. The market is also a rendezvous for people to talk to each other and exchange views, such as a coffee house. For those who are interested in the old ways of life of more than 100 years ago, the market is the ideal place. Visitors will sample delectable food of unique recipes, desserts, traditional coffee, and admire artefacts and valuable works of architecture. There are more vendors at weekends than during weekdays. For more information, contact the Municipality of Tambon Khlong Suan at Tel. 0 2739 3329, 0 2739 3253. A boat service to cruise the canal is available at the market, taking around an hour with a fare of 50 Baht.

To get there: From Bangkok, take the Bang Na – Trat Road and at Km 35, turn left to the road heading for the Thai Country Club for around 15 km. Turn left to Route Chocho 3001 for around 2 km. The entrance to the market is between Km 9-10 or Km 10-11. From Rom Klao junction take Route Chocho 3001 for around 27 km. The entrance to the market is between Km 9-10 or Km 10-11. The trip takes around 30 minutes.

From Chachoengsao take Highway 314 (Chachoengsao – Bang Pakong). Turn right between Km 14-15 to Route Chocho 3001. The entrance to the market is between Km 9-10 or Km 10-11.By bus Take the Chachoengsao – Lat Krabang bus and get off at the entrance to the market. Walk for around 200 m.