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Amphoe Bang Khla

The Shrine and Monument of King Taksin the Great ( see page 18 for pictures ) -  were built as a memorial to the king who won a victory in a fight with the Burmese troops at the mouth of the Cholo River. His troops marched through Chachoengsao to fight for independence. It was long told that once there had been a pagoda in memorial of his victory over the Burmese troops in this area until 1941 when it fell down for an unknown reason. The shrine and monument of King Taksin the Great were therefore constructed in 1988.

Wat Pho Bang Khla is 23 km from the town of Chachoengsao. The temple has an area of around 31 rai. It was formerly called “Wat Pho” and assumed to have been built during 1767-1782 in the reign of King Taksin the Great, with the art styles of the Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin periods. The Wihan (hall) with four porches was made of brick covered with plaster. Its gable-shaped roof is covered with Klet Tao terracotta tiles. The reclining Buddha image is enshrined in the hall. Within the temple compound, many Khangkhao Mae Kai ( flying foxes ) are seen on trees.

This is the world’s largest species of bats. It has a wolf-like face, with large eyes, a small nose and ears, reddish brown fur, sharp claws that can grip the branches of trees, and black wings. The bat can fly as fast and far as a bird. The wing spread is around 3 ft. The female bat can have only one offspring at a time. During the day, herds of bats hang their heads down to sleep on trees. At dusk, they go out to feed. They eat fruit and young leaves such as those of Bodhi, mango, and tamarind trees. From an observation, the bats here fly to feed along the Thai border or on the Cambodian side. A cruise along the Bang Pakong River passes by this temple. Visitors can disembark at the temple’s pier.

To get there: Take Highway 304 ( Chachoengsao – Kabin Buri ) for around 17 km. Turn left to Highway 3121. Drive through the town of Bang Khla for around 6 km, past the shrine and the monument of King Taksin the Great, and turn left for around 500 m.

King Taksin the Great Stupa Memorial - is located near the mouth of the Cholo River ( Khlong Tha Lat ), in Tambon Pak Nam. The king broke through the Burmese army surrounding Ayutthaya the capital, and moved his troops past Nakhon Nayok and Prachin Buri. After that, he clashed with the Burmese near the mouth of the Cholo River. With his intelligence, the king defeated the Burmese who outnumbered his troops, and then took a rest here. A pagoda was constructed by the king to commemorate his victory. Later, the area was eroded by currents before the pagoda collapsed around 1948. Then, the stupa memorial was built on the same area. Visitors can visit and pay homage to the memorial, or admire a riverside view; Ko Lat on the opposite side can be seen.

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