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Wat Chaeng  - is located near Talat Bang Khla or Bang Khla Market.

The beautiful Ubosot ( Ordination hall )  is a  combination of Sino –

Thai arts, with sculptures of an ogre on its sides. It is unknown when

it was built. It was long told that on the way to beat the Khmer, King

Rama I led his troops to arrive at this place at dawn, so a temple was

built and named Wat Chaeng, literally meaning ‘temple of dawn.

Muban Namtan Sot  -  is located in Ban Pak Nam, Mu 11, Wanaphuti Road, Tambon Pak Nam. This palm sap village is the sole production source of ready-to-drink palm sap in the East. See the procedures of making palm sap from a palm tree. Witness the lifestyle of farmers who make palm sap. The process of making palm sap begins with the climbing on a high palm tree to get palm sap in the morning and evening time. The collected palm sap will be boiled and bottled before sending for sale across the country. Also, see how to make sugar from the palm sap, and sample fragrant sweet palm sap. Before taking the trip back, visitors can enjoy buying the village’s OTOP products as souvenirs, such as ready-to-drink palm sap, palm sap sugar, Kui Loei pointed-tip hat, stalk of the palm’s staminate flower which is believed by the villagers to treat diabetes, etc. For more information, contact the Chachoengsao Agricultural Office at Tel. 0 3851 1635, or the Visitor Service Centre of the palm sap village in Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe Bang Khla, on the Bang Khla – Khlong Khuean Road.

Mango Orchards  Chachoengsao is the province with the most number of mango trees in Thailand. The total area used for growing the fruit is about 86,000 rai. The mango trees are mostly found in Amphoe Bang Khla and Amphoe Plaeng Yao. Popular varieties being grown by mango orchardists are Raet, Khiao Sawoei, Nam Dok Mai, Chaokhun Thip, Thong Dam, etc. The mango season begins in March. The province holds the Paet Rio Mango and Products Fair every year. For those who are interested in a visit to a mango orchard, please contact the Agricultural Office of Amphoe Bang Khla, at Tel. 0 3854 1003, or Khun Manop Kaeowongnukun, Chairman of the Chachoengsao Mango Orchard Club, at Tel. 0 3858 3734, 08 9938 9097.

Amphoe Panom Sarakham

Khao Hin Son Royal Development Study  Centre - is located in Tambon Khao Hin Son on Highway 304, between Km 51-52, and 17 km from the town of Phanom Sarakham. The centre has a vast area of around 1,895 rai. It was established by H.M. the King on 8 August 1979. In the past, the area was degraded with infertile and sandy soil. Soil erosion was highly found. H.M. the King has developed the land, environment and eco-system in the area.

Chachoengsao Province page 8, Amphoe Panom Sarakham
Chachoengsao Province page 8, Amphoe Panom Sarakham