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Krathum Baen is situated in  Samut Sakhon Province. Samut Sakhon city is 36 km's from Bangkok westward. And Krathum Baen is a further 14 km's from Samut Sakhon city. I stayed a few times in this sleepy town. I found the people very friendly. The local market was great but did smell a bit

( which is what you would expect when sea food and meat are being sold in that heat ) the lazy river runs through the town and many shops and stalls populate the sides of the river bank.There are many good value places to eat here along with the usual Internet shops, photo shops, markets etc

Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon Province

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Krathum Baen Page 1, Samut sakhon Province
Krathum Baen Page 1, Samut sakhon Province

The Phasi Charoen

Canal in Krathum Baen

Main street showing

the many shops

Wat Nang Sao Temple

Near Krathum Baen

The Main Street in

Krathum Baen

The Entrance to Krathum Baen