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Khao Hin Son Royal Development Study  Centre continued:

There were the development of water sources, the improvement of forest conditions, development of land, and planning of planting and animal husbandry. As a result, the area has been totally changed. By the introduction of a new agricultural theory on a sufficiency economy, the people have been given an opportunity to live a self-reliant life.

The area can be considered a living natural museum and a comprehensive development centre. It can also serve as a model and set an example of development for other areas, with cooperation from government agencies and the private sector. Within the centre, the area is divided for demonstrative and experimental works, such as land development, livestock, aquatic animal culture, arts and craft, an herbal forest plantation project, etc.

There are experimental fields of various plants, such as rattan species found in Thailand, avocado, and mango of Thai and foreign species. The Botanical Garden of the East has been established here to supervise research on benefits from herbal plants. Inside the building, there are an exhibition and a demonstration on how to produce herbs. An herbal steaming room is open on Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

( The fee is 30 Baht per person ). The centre won the 2002 Tourism Award for Outstanding Performance in the category of Tourist Attractions and the 2004 Tourism Award for Excellence in the category of Agro-tourism Sites.

A two-hour guided tour for a group of visitors is available. Advance contact should be made to the Director of the Khao Hin Son Royal Development and Study Centre. Accommodation is also provided by the centre. A fan room is 100 Baht per person. An air-conditioned room is 600 Baht per night (3 persons). For more information, contact the Khao Hin Son Development Study Centre at Tel. 0 3859 9105-6 during office hours from 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Khao Hin Son  -  is located on Highway 304 ( Chachoengsao – Kabin Buri ) at Km 53, 53 km from the city of Chachoengsao. Khao Hin Son is a fairly high mountain consisting of small and large rocks in different shapes scattered by nature. Around Khao Hin Son is Saun Rukkhachat Somdet Phra Pinklao, or the arboretum where the shrine of Somdet Phra Pinklao is located.

The shrine is in honour and commemoration of the great deeds of Somdet Phra Pinklao, the younger brother of King Rama IV. His Majesty the King presided over the opening ceremony of the shrine in 1979. Behind the shrine is the location of Wat Khao Hin Son.

The provincial seal of Chachoengsao shows the main hall of the Sothon wararam

worawihan temple. In this hall is the most important Buddha image of the province, called Luang Por

Buddha Sothon.

Provincial tree is Peltophorum dasyrachis. The tree was assigned to the province by Queen Sirikit

on the 50th anniversary of the coronation of King Rama IX in 2000. Provincial flower is the

Yellow Flamboyant ( Peltophorum pterocarpum ).