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Chonburi Province Page 48, Greenwood Golf Resort, pictures

Treasure Hill Golf & Country Club  

Treasure Hill Golf Course is situated on Highway 331, and turning off along two kilometres to country lane surrounded by the splendours of nature, one encounters a charming single storey clubhouse lying among shading trees on the highest point of the landscape.

From the clubhouse, members and guests are afforded splendid view of the surrounding countryside, and yet the building is so well designed. The players on the course are scarcely aware of its presence. The harmony of nature seems undisturbed.

At first sight the course look deceptively simple. However, the whole story only unfolds as one play a round. Then the subtle challenges of each hole makes themselves felt in a complex relationship between striking the ball, and contemplating the beckoning greens surrounded by the curving hillside.

The longest par five on the course we called “Mizuno” as a homage to some of the best golf clubs and irons in the world. During the rainy season, the ponds are filled with water, and in the dry season they empty of water and become lakes of long grass. One can go in and play the ball if it can be found amongst the lush vegetation.

Golfing is possible all day long at Treasure Hill, and one can play 36 holes, if arrive before 9.00 am. Also, since the course is very hilly, water drains off half a hour after rain.

Designer :  Yoshikazu Kato

Address  222 Moo 7 Tambol Klongkyu Sriracha Chonburi 20170

Treasure Hill Golf & Country Club

Bangkok Reservation : Tel.0-2295-0856, 0-2295-0281 Ext : 335 Fax .0-2295-0857

SITE OFFICE : Tel. 08-1466-1343, 08-1344-8002, (038) 420-766-7 Fax. 038-420-767

www.treasurehill-golf.com    E-mail : Treasurehillgolf@yahoo.com





Treasure Hill Golf & Country Club, Chonburi, Thailand.

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