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Sunthon Phu Monument  -  The monument was built to commemorate Sunthon Phu, a leading poet in the early Rattanakosin era, two centuries ago. There are statues of Sunthon Phu and characters from his famous literature.


Wat Saranat Thammaram  -  houses a main Buddha image imitated from the famous Phra Phuttha Chinnarat in Phitsanulok province. Four major pagodas surround the Ubosot. They include Phra Pathom Chedi, Phrathat Phanom, replica of Bodh Gaya, and Phrathat Chaiya. Mu Koh Man , Mu Koh Man comprises three islands: Man Nai, Man Klang, and Man Nok. Koh Man Nai. This island is the location of the turtle conservation station started by Her Majesty the Queen. The project conserves the breeding of hawksbill and olive turtles.


Khao Chamao -  Attractions in the national park Kao Chamao-Kao Wong National Park has 83.68 sq.km., covers area of two provinces, Amphor Klang, Rayong and Amphor Thamai, Chantaburi. It is a rich forest with water resources of Rayong. Wildlife animals, waterfall, cliff and beautiful scenery is attractive to tourists. Legend: A Royal decree enforcing for land of Kao Chamao, tambon Toong Kwaikin, Kao Wong, tambon Kongdin, Amphor Klang, Rayong province and tambon Kaeng-hangmaew, tambon Nayaiarm, Amphor Tarmai, Chantaburi province became National Park. It was announced in the Royal Record Bulletin Vol.92, section 267, dated 31th December B.E.2518, and became 13th National Park of the country. Topography: Climate: Heavy rain during May-October, average 3000 millilitres. Cool during November- February and summertime during March-April, average temperature 26-27 degree Celsius. Plant and wildlife: There are many economic trees; such as red woods, hardwoods, sandal woods and wild orchids. Ground covers are rattan, bamboo, herbs and varieties of ferns. Wilds animal found in the area are tigers, wild elephants, bulls, red bull, mountain goat, bear, deer, monkey, gibbon, rooster, pheasant and birds. Highlights: Kao Chamao- Kao Wong waterfall or Tarn Namsai waterfall is closing to the National Park office, one km. from main road. It is big,  

three km. long and has many tiers namely; Wang Majsha, Wang Morakot, Paa Kluaymai, Chongkab, Hoksai waterfall, and steeple cliffs At Wang Mujsha, fresh water fish called cave- fishes are plentiful and attractive. Paa-sawan: a panoramic view point that you will never forget. Klong Plakang waterfall: four km's. from the National Park office. It is big and beautiful, four km's. long and has seven tiers namely Wang Changparn, Larn-peesua, Ang-krua-saba, Larn pratupar,

Tarn koh-klang, Wang krachay, Tarn sai-mok. Along both sides you will find wild orchids, ground

cover and ferns. Kao wong cave or local name is Kao wongkot, 18 km's. from down town Nar

yai-arm market, cover 4040 sq. km's. It looked like a maze with overhanging cliffs and more than

80 caves, only 20 caves opened for publics. For example; diamond cave, theatre cave, lion cave,

bats cave, casino cave, tortoise cave. Outside the cave, mountain goats live there and they  are

rare species.

More information: contact National Park office, P.O.Box 11, Amphor Klang, Rayong 21110.

Tel. 0 3889 4378

Rayong Province, Thailand. Places to see & visit.

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