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8. Kala Dance, comes from the South where dancers use coconut shells to create a lively rhythm to accompany their dancing after the harvest season and at festive occasions.

9. The Forn Tien or Candle Dance, originates from the ancient capital of Sukhothai and is used to celebrate the end of harvest.

10. The Harvest Dance, comes from the central plains and depicts harvest of the main staple ingredient, Rice and the livelihood derived from its harvest.

11. The Bamboo Dance, is a  highly skilled  dance where bamboo poles are used to provide rhythm as well as being accessories to the dance. The tempo increases and the steps vary to keep pace. This version performed at the Rose Garden comes from the Northeast but there are many versions and variations from all around the country.

12. The last performance is a special combination of dances from the four regions of Thailand. Everyone joins in this colourful Flag Dance. After this dance the performers will come up to you to ask you to join in their favourite and most simple dance to learn. Just follow their lead and enjoy yourself with the Ramwong Dance, meaning circle dance
Rose Garden Riverside, ( now called  Sampran Riverside )  Thailand, Itinerary
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Rose Garden, m 32 Pet Kasem road,Sampran, Nakhon Pathom, Layout