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Koh Chang Island , Medical Centres and Ferry Services

Koh Chang now has two main medical centres, the Bangkok Koh Chang Hospital and Koh Chang Hospital. There are plenty of  clinics also scattered around the island.

The recent success of Koh Chang as a serious tourist destination has been phenomenal. But it remains a lot more peaceful and less developed than islands like Samui and Phuket. It's some five hours from Bangkok by bus and there is no airport on the island , so it should remain more peaceful than Samui or Phuket. Koh Chang too is one of Thailand most beautiful islands with some white sandy beaches, some half deserted. Some of the beaches are rocky in parts though so it doesn't have ideal swimming beaches like Phuket. The island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer and a number of elephants. The island and its vicinities are great places for snorkelling, diving and jungle hiking. With the development of Koh Kong in Cambodia as a casino resort, it makes Koh Chang even more of an ideal place for a stop-over between the two islands.

This so called tourism boom is relative to a small base. Tourist numbers are a lot less than Samui or Phuket and about 2/3 of the visitors are Thai.

Ferry services

At Laem Ngob in Trat Town opposite Koh Chang there are three piers offering ferry service to Koh Chang.Located at Ao Thammachat, the ferries depart daily at Ao Sapraros pier. Located at Centre Point Pier, ferries are hourly to Dan Kao Pier. Laem Ngob Pier has less frequent ferries.

Koh Chang Island consists of the following villages:

Salakpetch  / Salakkork / Jekbare / Baan Danmai

Klong Son / Klong Praw  / Klong Nonsri

Koh Chang could be said to have three seasons, they are:

Due to its location and being an island, Koh Chang does get more than its fair share of rain -  4,000 mm. per year.

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