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Places of Interest around Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand.

Don Hoi Lot: A sandbank on the mouth of the Mae Klong River. It was formed by the sedimentation of sandy soil which the villagers here call Sai Khi Pet. In the area of the sandbank there are many shellfishes such as Hoi Lot ( razor clam ), Hoi Lai ( undulated surf clam ), Hoi Puk ( Ridged Venus clam ), Hoi Pak Pet ( tongue shell ), Hoi Khraeng ( cockle ) and many more.

Wat Satthatham or Wat Mon: The ordination hall is made of golden teak with mother-of-pearl-inlay walls, both inside and outside. Housed inside the ordination hall are Buddha images: Luangpho Ban Laem, Luangpu Thuat Yiap Nam Thale Chuet, and Luangpho Phuttha Sothon.

Wat Khao Yi San: The Viharn on the hilltop is a boat-shaped hall where four Buddha footprints are enshrined. The Phra Non Cave has a reclining Buddha image with nine toes. At the lower part lies the sacred shrine of Luangpho Pu Si Racha which is respected by the villagers.

Ban Khao Yi San Museum: The museum presents the stories of the community which are important and worth a study. On the ground floor, there are displays of folk wisdom, life and culture, tools for making herbal medicine, and household utensils.

Wat Ban Laem or Wat Phet Samut Worawihan: Inside the temple compound, there is a Sangha museum with displays of Buddha images, amulets of different periods, ancient artefacts, blue and white porcelain, and a pulpit of the Ayutthaya period.

Chang-Eng Siamese Twins Memorial and Boat Museum: The statues were built in memory of Chang and Eng, the Siamese twins who made Thailand famous around the world. Chang and Eng were joined to each other at the chest. However, both of them could live a normal life to the age of 63.

Talat Nam Tha Kha: This floating market still is part of the villagers’ way of life. The villagers here do farming and grow various plants. They usually paddle a boat to bring their produce to sell to each other.

Wat Chula Mani: This ancient temple sits on the bank where the Amphawa Canal connects with the Phi Lok Canal. The back of the temple was initially the residence of Khun Nak ( Queen Ammarinthramat of King Rama I ) and Khun Bunrot

( Queen Si Suriyenthramat of King Rama II ).