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Samut Songkhram Province , places of Interest

Wat Bang Kaphom: The old Wihan ( image hall ) is very interesting. In the centre of the hall, a large replica of four superimposed Buddha footprints in different sizes is enshrined. The footprint at the deepest level, which is made from mother-of-pearl inlaid wood, still retains its beautiful design.

Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram: It is a temple associated with the royal lineage of Bang Chang. The back of this temple was once a residence of Luang Yokkrabat ( King Rama I ) and Khun Nak ( Queen Ammarinthramat of King Rama I ). The Ubosoth (ordination hall) and permanent structures within the temple were mostly formed in the early Rattanakosin style of art and architecture.

King Rama II Memorial Park is the project to honour King Rama II by the King Rama II Memorial Foundation. The area is important since it was a birthplace of King Rama II. Within the King Rama II Memorial Park, is the King Rama II Museum, comprising four Thai-styled buildings separated into sections.

Wat Phummarin Kudi Thong: the Kudi Thong, a golden  teak monk’s cell, has an unusual history where the father of Khun Nak ( Queen Ammarinthramat ) had her fortune examined by the abbot of Wat Bang Li. The abbot foretold that the daughter would become a queen. The millionaire father, therefore, promised to build a Kudi Thong for the temple if the abbot’s words proved true.

Ban Dontri or House of Music: A school building is used for instructing traditional Thai music. The Samut Songkhram Primary School Office has envisioned that the cultural value of folk wisdom should be preserved and inherited to the next generation for their pride in the future.

Wat Bang Khae Yai: The large Ubosot ( Ordination hall ) is more than 150 years old. At the front, the square Chedi (pagoda) with twelve indented corners is in the style of the Ayutthaya period. The laterite principal Buddha image in the ordination hall is in the posture of Subduing Mara.

Ban Maeo Thai Boran is a house where the species of genuine Siamese cats have been conserved. It also gives information on genuine features of Siamese cats, supports research, exchanges knowledge and views between members, and exchanges research experiences and breeding with relevant bodies.