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Wat Bang Khae Noi: The most interesting item is the ordination hall’s interior walls which are woodcarvings depicting the Lord Buddha’s history, birth, enlightenment, and nirvana, as well as stories of the Lord Buddha’s Ten Incarnations or Jatakas.

Wat Intharam: There are many interesting points within the temple compound. Luangpho To, the Buddha image here, is over 300 years old. The Ubosoth ( Ordination hall ), which was built from marble, has teak doors and window panels carved with proverbs.

Church of the Virgin Mary or Atsana Wihan Maephra Bangkoet: This is a sacred place of worship for the Christians living in the area. It is a building in the French Gothic style, coated with pounded lime. The interior is decorated with coloured stained glass.

Wat Charoen Sukharam Worawihan: Within the temple, there is the Ubosoth (ordination hall) built in a unique style with its ceiling curved like a boat’s roof. The hall houses Luangpho To, a Buddha image of the Sukhothai period.

Bang Kung Camp: Within the camp compound, there is the Ubosoth ( Ordination hall ) commonly called Bot Luangpho Dam. The hall is wholly covered by four species of ficus plants: Pho ( Bodhi ), Sai, Krai, and Krang. Therefore, it is also called Bot Prok Pho ( Ordination hall covered by Bodhi trees ). The monument of King Taksin the Great is in its vicinity.

Wat Bang Kung: Within the temple, there is an old ordination hall which houses a large sculptured Buddha image commonly called by villagers as Luangpho Bot Noi. Mural paintings from the late Ayutthaya period depict Lord Buddha whilst sitting in the niche and preaching, flanked by the disciples paying respect to him.

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Cruising the Mae Klong River: ( see the video’s on the next page 5a ) Among the houses are rarely seen traditional ones called Ruean Panya or hip-roof houses. Furthermore, there are riverside temples, such as Wat Amphawan, Wat Bang Khae Yai, Wat Bang Khae Noi, Wat Phummarin Kudi Thong, etc.

Sino Phattra Boat House is situated at 24 Mu 6 on the Samut Songkhram – Bang Nok Khwaek Road, Tambon Bang Khonthi, Amphoe Bang Khonthi. The boat which was once used for carrying rice will cruise the Mae Klong River, past the Bang Kung Camp, the King Rama II Memorial Park, and Wat Bang Khae Ya

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