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Related to this last point, compass directions are not widely used by Thais to navigate in Bangkok. That is probably because they aren't very useful; the city's Darwinistic layout, the changing street names, the winding river, and the lack of obvious landmarks all conspire to confuse your internal compass. Thus, asking for directions in terms of  - Is that west from here? will probably earn you little more than a confused look from a local. You are better off to familiarize yourself with the neighbourhoods and navigate to and from them. How do I get to Thonglor?  will get you there faster than asking for directions to Sukhumvit Soi 55.

One exception: the Chao Phraya River is the landmark in Bangkok, and many directional references can be made as toward the river or away from the river. If you aren't too close, that is: since the river winds around the most popular tourist areas, river references tend to be most helpful when you are wandering farther afield than Banglamphu or Sanam Luang or Rattana. And wander you should.

Bangkok International Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport

( see separate article on this under useful Info

Suvarnabhumi Airport )

Located 30 km (19 miles) to the east of Bangkok, space-age Suvarnabhumi Airport

pronounced  -  soo-wanna-poom,( IATA: BKK ) ( ICAO: VTBS )  started operations

in September 2006 and is now Bangkok's main airport as well as the busiest airport

in Southeast Asia. It is used by all airlines in Thailand except domestic Nok Air and

One-Two-Go, which still use the old Don Muang.  There is only one terminal building, which covers both domestic and international flights, but it's huge  - so allow time for getting around.

Suvarnabhumi offers all facilities expected of a major international airport ( transit hotel, ATM's, money exchange ), plus a Redemption Booth, very reassuring for  challenged passengers. The most interesting sounding restaurant is probably "Panda Ready To Eat", but do not be misled by the name. The cheapest place to eat is the Magic food court on Level 1, near Gate 8, while perhaps the most comfortable and relaxing of the airport's restaurants and cafes is the Sky Lounge on the 6th floor. Here you can have your latte while sitting in plush leather sofas and enjoying a panoramic view over the runways - prices are also tolerable with coffee around 70 Baht a cup. The observation lounge on 7th is not much to see since the steel structure of the roof blocks most of the airport view. There are a few stores in the check-in area including a convenience store and a post office; however, the real shopping experience awaits travellers on the other side of immigration in the departure lounge area, where the number of shops and duty free outlets leave you wondering if you are in an airport or a mall. Beware though, that past security in the gate waiting area, there are no services except toilets and seating.

Bangkok International Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport

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