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Transportation available at the Airport


Limousine taxis (which charge by distance, e.g., around 800 Baht to central Sukhumvit) can be reserved at the limousines hire counter on the 2nd floor ( just outside Arrivals ), and aggressive touts will try to entice you on board. If you allow yourself to be waylaid by one of the taxi touts they might quote you more than double the fare that an ordinary metered taxi would charge ( 900 Baht instead of 400, for example ). You would be silly even acknowledging their existence - walk straight past them.


A better option are the ordinary metered taxis available on the 1st floor. Follow the public taxi signs that lead to the outside the airport premises, queue up and state your destination at the desk (English is understood), and you will get a two-part slip with your destination written in Thai on it. The small part is for your driver, the large part is for you. This ticket is for complaints and is how the system is enforced: hold on to it to help avoid arguments later. There is a 50-Baht surcharge on top of the meter ( not per passenger ), meaning that trips to the city will cost 250 - 400 Baht ( plus possible expressway tolls of 45 and 25 Baht ) and take 40 - 60 minutes depending on traffic / location. No other surcharges apply, not even for going back to the airport. If there is a huge taxi queue, consider taking a limousine, or the free shuttle bus to the Public Transport Centre, which has more taxis. Go straight to the official "Taxi Stand" and wait there.


If you do not want to pay the extra 50 Baht or wait in line for the taxis, there is one more option. Take the escalators / lift  

/ stairs to the top level until you cannot go up any more levels ( departure level ). Walk outside. Walk across the first road and you will likely see people being dropped off by taxis. You may also see touts trying to get you into their taxi. More often than not, these touts are ghost taxis who want to charge you a fixed rate  without using a meter. Ask them if they have a meter


If they persistently ask you where you are going rather than answering whether they have a meter, they are surely a ghost taxi. Do not use them. Ignore them & simply hail the next taxi with the red light inside the windshield showing, they are available. The touts will be waiting for you, but the metered taxis will be dropping people off very regularly; you are just catching them before they head to the 50-Baht queue downstairs. ( Technically, they are not supposed to pick you up, but enforcement is very lax. )

To give an example, the fare between Suvarnabhumi and On Nut BTS station on the 552 is 32 Baht, and the journey (On Nut to the airport) takes about 40 minutes in mid-afternoon traffic. There are also privately-owned BMTA minivans to many parts of Bangkok, such as Don Muang Airport, Bang Kapi, Rangsit, Samut Prakan, etc. They charge in flat rate 50 Baht and go directly to the destination, so they are faster than the public buses, which stop frequently along the way.