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Chonburi Province Page 58 Angsila Village

Angsila, Chonburi Province, Thailand.

Chonburi Province Page 58 Angsila Village

Ban Angsila, around eight kilometres from Chonburi Town.

How to get there: From the kilometre marker 102 on Sukhumvit Road, turn right at Angsila Junction, or the highway 3134, you will find the rock sculpting source. Drive further for a kilometre; you will reach Ban Angsila Community. Angsila is the first seaside resort in Thailand. It is charming with wonderful scenery, friendly ambiance of local people, and the famous products of the village, sculpted rocks. There is a famous fisherman village and a grand market where you can buy  fresh seafood.

The history of tourism at this place started since King Rama IV period, when there were a number of foreigners coming to Thailand. Chonburi was very famous then as a major merchant port and, being a seaside town with fresh air, a place good for patient to recover from illnesses. Later, a member of royal family has built a recovery building and made Angsila the first resort in Thailand.

Nowadays, Angsila is very famous for its products from rock. It is said that rock mortars produced from this village are very durable, as well as other sculpted products, lamps, furniture, and artistic sculpture, for example. If you want to see how the products are sculpted, just walk inside and see the sculpting process that is done just inside each house. Apart from such products from rocks, Angsila also has products from the sea to offer too, for instance, dry shrimps, pickled clam, shrimp paste, sweetened fish, and dry squid. You can buy them at Saphan Pla Ban Angsila, or the fresh seafood market where innumerable fishing boats are moored.

Here you can also buy  fresh mussel and oyster, as there are mussel and oyster farms around here. These products are totally fresh and inexpensive, but you should be at the market before 08.00am, because after that the seafood might lose its freshness. The market is said to be over 133 year old.

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