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Wat Khemaphirataram Rajaworawiharn The major attractions at Wat Khema are its big pagoda

enshrining the lord Buddha’s relics and the Buddha’s image of the Ayutthaya period as well as

Tamnak Daeng Building, and Phra Thinang Monthian Hall.



Wat Sangkhatan: This monastery in Tambon Bang Phai possibly named Wat Sarikho in the late Ayutthaya period was built in Ceylonese Style by skilful craftsmen.


Wat Chotikaram The most beautiful spot of this monastery is Viharn Song Rong where not only the walls, but also floor and ceiling are covered with splendid mural paintings.


Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Worawiharn The temple has completely reflected King Rama III’s

most favourite style that combines Chinese art in constructing the monastery. The temple’s

biggest Buddha image made from Bronze named  Phraphuttamahalokaphinanthapatima is

enshrined in the Ubosot.


Chaloem Kanchanaphisek Park This 40 acres ( 160,000 m2 )  public park commemorates King Bhumipol or King Rama IX’s golden jubilee. The most remarkable building in the park is ‘Wimansarannawamin’ constructed in Thai style in the middle of the pond.



The Museum of Anthropology is Thailand’s first museum of the natural history. The exhibition of the history of earth, plants, animals and human being is on the first floor while the display on antiques, Buddha images and willow ware, for instance, is on the second floor.


Wat Chomphuwek Built in the late Ayutthaya era by Mon in 1757, Wat Chomphuwek still has the

beautiful mural paintings in the Wiharn and Ubosot, as well as the Mon style pagodas constructed

by Mon monks in 1917.


Wat Tamnak Tai According to the history, before the construction of this monastery, this area used to serve as King Krung Thonburi’s temporary royal pavilion. It is assumed that the Wiharn and the belfry were constructed in 1824 in the period of King Rama III.




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