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The Prathom-Nonthaburi Palace Built in a mixture of Thai and European in 1919, this palace has belonged to Prince Juthathuttharadilok, a son of King Chulalongkorn. Within the same compound, there is another palace where a gilded hall places a more than 100-year-old harp of Prince Juthathutharadilok.


Museum and the Thai Traditional Medical Training Centre The building of three storey's is remarkably built in traditional Thai style designed by a national artist. The second floor serves as an exhibition hall divided into seven rooms of the history and evolution of Thai traditional medical profession, traditional medical philosophy as well as Thai traditional medicines.



Wat Chonlaprathanrangsarit A big pleasantly shady temple in Tambon Bang Talat is famous

for its Lan Phai Anek Prasong considered as a centre for Buddhists to attend the religious

ceremonies as well as listening to sermons from the abbot every Sundays and Holy days.



Srinagarindra’s Park A park named after his majesty King Rama IX’s mother. With an area of about

41 acres (170,000 m2), it is a huge public park where an enormous pond is surrounded by various plants making the place shady and peaceful for relaxation.


Montri Tramote’s house or Ban Som Song Saeng This house belongs to Kru Montri Tramote, notable Thai musician who lived during the reign of King Rama V until King Rama IX. The house is opened to the public for a study on a simple way of living of Kru Montri Tramote who had applied the Buddhist virtues and non-materialism to his life.


The Horn Museum Inside the museum, there is an exhibition of horns and antiques dating back 100 years to 16 million years ago, particularly the horns of the herbivore and cannibal in Thailand. The most distinguished horn is the 2-metre-long mammoth’s ivory found in the northeastern part of Thailand.


The Lame animals Aid Foundation ( fostered by Luangta Maha Bua ) Being nowadays a home of 800 dogs and 150 cats, the foundation is pleased to accept any kind of donations such as money, newspapers, rice etc. What’s more, on every last Sunday of April, the annual fair where an auction of the stars’ belongings and the show of dog stars will be held.


Wat Ku The temple is known as the area where the shipwreck of King Rama V’s queen took place.

Therefore, a palace has been built to commemorate her death. There is also a pavilion constructed

as another remembrance to her death imitating Phra Thi Nang Aisawanthipphaya-at in Bang Pa-in

Royal Palace.



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