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Wat Saeng Siritham Floating Market A floating market on Rattanathibet-Tha It Road, Tambon Tha It intends to promote the local products from the vicinity of the temple as well as from Ko Kret.


Koh Kret Lived by the descendants of the Mon people who have had a permission to install here during the reign of King Krungthonburi, Ko Kret was also the destination of another wave of Mon immigrants in the period of King Rama II.


Wat Paramaiyikawat This old monastery located in the vicinity of Tambon Ko Kret, Amphoe Pak Kret is

constructed in Mon  style  architecture. The main attractions are a large  reclining  Buddha, mural

paintings, a Mon style marble carved pagoda and the principal image in the Ubosot. There is a village,

on Koh Kret  ( Kret Island ), where the villagers produce ancient Mon style pottery called Kwan Aman.

It is accessible by a ferry from Wat Sanam Nua which is located not far from the Amphoe Pak Kret office.


Phra Wiharn This is the venue where the 9.5 metres long reclining Buddha of the late Ayutthaya period is enshrined. Nonthaburi’s Buddha image named ‘Phra Nonthamunin’ enshrined here behind Phra Wiharn was formed in the late Ayutthaya period.


Wat Poramaiyikawat Museum The museum displays various interesting items such as votive tablets, crystal ware, porcelains including ‘hem’, a master piece of art made by Colonel Chatwat Ngamniyom.


Wat Sao Tong Thong This long-dated temple used to be called ‘Wat Suan Mak’ is the site of Amphoe Pak Kret’s first primary school. Behind the chapel, the tallest pagoda of Pak Kret was constructed in the Ayutthaya style.


Wat Prasat King Narai the Great of the Ayutthaya period has had this monastery built in Mon style.

The Ubosot’s wall is finely decorated with the paintings of the Ayutthaya period which remains

nowadays Nonthaburi’s oldest mural paintings.


Wat Phai Lom This monastery built in the late Ayutthaya period and called by Mon people Pia To  has a charming chapel.


Wat Chimphli Sutthawat The temple has a beautiful small chapel that remains nowadays in a very good condition.


Kwan Aman Considered as the Mon Cultural Centre, this pottery museum is notable for its large collection of the distinctive ancient Mon design ceramics.


The Dessert Canal ( Khlong Khanom Wan ) The local people living in the compound of the dessert canal as well as other canals around Koh  Kret earn their living by selling several traditional Thai home-made desserts and sweets.



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