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Nonthaburi is  Thailand's second largest city, being a part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Area.

Due to its close proximity to Bangkok the city is actually a suburb of the national capital, and is more or less considered a part of Greater Bangkok - had it not been for the signposts you would hardly notice where one ends and the other begins. Officially, however, Nonthaburi is one of the five neighbouring provinces of Bangkok. Covering an area of 622.303 square kilometres and separated into two parts by the Chao Phraya River.

The long history of Nonthaburi dated back 400 years to the era of Ayutthaya Kingdom. First known as Tambon Ban Talad Khwan and noted for its fertile soil and plentiful water where a lot of orchards nest along side the Chao Phraya River, this Tambon has been promoted to Nonthaburi City in 1549 under the reign of King Mahajakrapat.

In 1665, King Narai the Great had noticed that the river has changed its own route and it might consequently have a negative effect to the city’s security. Hence, the fortifications have been established at the delta of Om River where the city pillar has been built as the symbol of the new foundation of Nonthaburi.

At the time of Rattanakosin Kingdom, King Mongkut has had Nonthaburi moved to the entrance of Bang Sue Canal in Tambon Ban Talad Khwan where later in the reign of King Chulalongkorn, the city hall has been founded and lasted till 1928. In the same year, King Pokklao had initiated the idea of building a new city hall at Rajawitthayalai Ban Bang Khwan, Tambon Bang Tanowsri on Pracharaj I road along side the Chao Phraya River which nowadays belongs to the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The building, constructed in a European style, has become one of the ancient remains of Thailand while the current city hall is situated on Rattanathibet Road.


How to get to Nonthaburi City


By  Car


1. Phibun Songkhram Road, between the foot of Rama VI Bridge and Sri Phon Sawan Theatre intersection

2. Pracharat I Road, between the city hall and Sri Phon Sawan Theatre intersection

3. Tiwanon Road, between Wat Lanna Bun triangle and Pathum thani Pier

4. Ngamwongwan Road, between Khae Lai intersection and Kasetsart University intersection

5. Nonthaburi I Road, between the city hall and Tiwanon Road

6. Bang Kruai-Sai Noi Road, between Rama VI Bridge and Amphoe Sai Noi

7. Krungthep-Nonthaburi Road, between Tao Pun triangle and Wat Lanna Bun triangle

8. Rattanathibet Road, between Khae Lai intersection and Bang Bua Thong-Taling Chan Road


Nonthaburi City, In the Province of Nonthaburi, Thailand

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