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Prachin Buri Province, Ban Sang, Si Mahosot ancient town, Thailand

Prachin Buri Province Page 3, Chakkraphong Dam and other places to see

Namtok Khao Ito  This waterfall in Tambon Ban Phra is a popular tourist attraction, which runs through rocks at different levels. Surroundings are full of timber forests. There is plenty of water only in the rainy season.

Amphoe Ban Sang

Bats at Wat Bang Krabao  The highlight of this temple is the spectacular sight of thousands of bats living on the trees.

Amphoe Si Mahosot

Ton Pho Si Maha Pho (The Great Bodhi Tree) The country's oldest and largest bodhi tree, it was recorded that 2000 years ago, the seedling stock of this bodhi tree was brought from Buddhgaya, India. The tree is about 20 metres in circumference, 30 metres in height, and 25 metres in diameter. Legend has it that Phrachao Thawanampayadit, the ruler of Mueang Si Mahosot during the Khmer empire sent his representatives to Nakhon Patuliputra in India for a branch of the Pho tree, under which the Lord Buddha had sat during his enlightenment. This Pho tree has been the symbol of Prachin Buri.

Luangpho Thawarawadi   Currently situated in the Wihan in front of the Si Mahosot District office, this 1.63-metre greenish sandstone Buddha image in a standing posture and giving the sermon, believed to be from the 7th -9th Century or Dvaravati Period, was discovered at the leprosy settlement, Camilo Hospital, to the south of Mueang Si Mahosot.

Sa Morakot Archaeological Site   This gigantic complex of Buddhist ancient monuments, lying on top of one another since the 9th – 13th Century, comprises laterite and brick architectures – with only the bases left. The most fascinating attraction is Thailand's largest and oldest Lord Buddha's Footprints  like a human's carved on the natural laterite floor. More attractions are holy well  and a rectangular pond called Sa Morakot

Si Mahosot Ancient Town   this oval or rectangular shape with round edge ancient town dates back to the Dvaravati period, covering an area of about 700 rai. Remains of the moat, mound, and more than 100 interesting ancient monuments such as various architecture, knolls, ponds, and wells are found scattered in the area. Most of the archaeological finds are related to Hinduism such as shrines, graven images, and Shiva Linga. The most important venue is the complex in the centre of town

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