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Prachin Buri Province, Si Maha Phot, Prachantakham,  Thailand

Prachin Buri Province Page 4, Ban San and Si Mahosot Ancient Town

Amphoe Si Maha Phot


Royal Handwriting Monument  This inscription of the royal initials was made during the visit of King Rama V to Prachin Buri in 1908. The inscription was made on a laterite artefact from the Lop Buri Period, dating back to the 7th - 8th Century.


Lum Mueang  This is a place with about 48 holes or Lum of different sizes dug deep on laterite ground. The date of the digging is unknown. During his royal visit on 18 December, 1908, King Rama V assumed that the holes were mortars for mixing cement for architectural decoration. But some elderly believed that these holes were meant for a local game known as "Lum Mueang".


Phan Hin Ancient Monument  This large square Phan Hin ancient monument is made solely of laterite. It is 15.50 metres wide on each side, and 3.5 metres high, with 4 porches. It is assumed that the building was a shrine for the Hindu God, Vishnu, built during the 7th - 9th Century in the reign of King Jayavarman I of Chenla. The shape of a sculptural pedestal found in the centre of the ancient remains is similar to a tray or Phan in Thai. Therefore, the place has been called Phan Hin or stone tray since.


Amphoe Prachantakham


Namtok Than Thip  The waterfall runs through different rocky levels. At some point, it passes a wide rock terrace, and some points are a deep pool. People can swim here. There is a rock terrace for recreation.


Namtok Som Poi This  waterfall runs through cataracts at different levels. The stream stretches some 400 metres and there are pools suitable for swimming.


Namtok Takhro and Namtok Salat Dai  This waterfall has wide rapids and there is a suspension bridge spanning across it. The left side features a hill while the right hand side features a timber forest –a relaxing stop.



Prachin Buri Province Page 6, Kabin Buri, Na Di, and Thap Lan National Park