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Ayutthaya Page 19, Places to visit and places of Interest

Local Products from around Ayutthaya

Palm Leaf Fish Mobile Weavers of the palm leaf fish mobile, and other palm leaf products, in this province are Thai Muslims. The skills have been inherited for over 100 years. It is assumed that Thai Muslim spice traders who sailed their houseboats along the Chao Phraya River in the olden days were the first to have woven fish mobiles from palm leaf, out of inspiration from their affectionate bond with water and their surroundings, referring to a Thai barb with which they were familiar and using leaves from various species of palm grown locally. Originally, each woven fish mobile was not as colourful nor numerously composed as in the present, using only a mixture of natural pigment and varnish for the final touch. The fish mobile, mostly in red, is usually hung above a baby’s cradle so that Thai children are familiar with it since their babyhood.


Bamboo Fan  Bamboo fan weaving in Amphoe Ban Phraek, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, has been inherited from the olden days. Formerly, the fans were woven with a quite simple technique into a rough design. The border was usually trimmed and sewn by hand with plain white cloth. Later, its form changed to imitate that of a Bodhi leaf or a heart shape. The border is trimmed with gold cloth while the weaving techniques and designs have become more complicated.


Palm Leaf Hat A handicraft that has been inherited since ancient times. Weaving a palm leaf hat requires no less craftsmanship than any other kinds of basketwork. The weavers have to be skilled and patient as the crafts will have to undergo a number of weaving steps. The palm leaf hat is now an OTOP product of Tambon Bang Nang Ra, Amphoe Bang Pahan, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. It has gained popularity among Thais and foreigners and is available in various provinces around the country.


Roti Sai Mai  A snack composing of candy floss ( Sai Mai ) wrapped with flat bread ( Roti ) was thought up by Thai Muslim vendors.


Typical nightlife available in Ayutthaya:

The city has a couple of discos which are popular with the younger trendier crowd.

Some live Music Joints play Thai folk

Karaoke clubs can be found in some of the many hotels and customers can either sing to everyone or rent a private room

Barbecues are large Thai-style restaurants which play music and serve alcohol.

Sing-a-Songs are popular with Thai males. Singers sing on the stage.

Down by the river there are few bars which are popular with tourists who fancy a beer.

Most of the guesthouses down by the river sell alcohol and play music.

Due to the old areas being historically important in regards to religion and the monarchy, the nightlife is very low-key.




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