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Bonanza Golf and Country Club,

Address  236 Mu 5 Tanarat Rd., Kwang Kanonphra, Phakchong Nakhon Ratchasima

Telephone  (044) 365-191-2   (044) 365-191-2    (044) 249-340 (044) 249-340    (086) 977-6658     (086) 977-6658  

Reservation: (02) 248-7436-41    (02) 248-7436-41     

Fax.  (044) 249-340

DESIGNER: Bob McFarland


Accommodation, Massage, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Sauna

Location  Close to Khao Yai National Park

The beautiful new course can be reached by Highway No. 1, passing the Airport to Saraburi and turn right into the Friendship Highway (Route No. 2), which leads you after 50 km to the Khao Yai Junction.

Drive 6 km from the junction to the and turn left (sign) and continue around 68 km until you reach the Bonanza Ranch and Golf Course.

Together with Forest Hills and Mission Hills Bonanza is already one of the top courses around the National Park. Western style log houses and a large wooden club house provide a nice scene for this course.

Driving from blue is a real challenge, the better player has to cross quite a distance to the fairways.

With HC 28 and above you should better start at the white tee.

Bonanza Golf and Country Club, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

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