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Nearly 50 years have passed, and the writing of the next chapter of the Rose Garden Riverside story is in the hands of a third generation. Khunying Valee’s grandsons are continuing the legacy and are laying the groundwork for the next generation.

Chairwoman Suchada Yuvaboon, who helped put the Rose Garden on the international map and is known throughout Thailand for her tireless work in promoting Thailand tourism, remains at the helm, as her mother did before her.

But she now has more time to rediscover the place she grew up in. As she says, “I now have the time to smell the roses.”

Her son, director Arrut Navaraj, spent almost 13 years working in Bangkok’s finance markets before returning to the family business. Passionate about the traditional Thai way of life and believing that the old way is best when it comes to food and health, he has infused the property with his own style which can be seen in the hotel’s new culinary dishes, its spa and its Traditional Thai Living packages.

He confesses he does not miss the urban life.

“Here, it’s the simple way of life that Thais used to have, which is a far cry from the way Thais live in Bangkok now - the mall culture, the junk food, the pace of life, the high competition How we live here reflects the way the Thai people live in most parts of the country. Or how they used to live.”

The Owner and Family

The Antique Thai House’s where you can stay

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Sampran Riverside,  The next Chapter

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