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“A  famous botanist told me, “Oh, I like it so much. It’s like time has stopped.”  Picture it. A tropical garden

beside the Ta Chine river. A   timeless collection of natural and cultural gems. Freed from the vagaries

of fashion and fads, The Rose Garden Riverside is a living gallery  of Traditional Thai Living. The 70-acre

Property  is one family’s unique vision of  Thailand - and the product of more than 40 years of  care

and creativity. Three generations have created this riverside oasis and the perfect hub for discovering

Thailand. From here, you  are just 1 hour from Bangkok - yet  you feel miles apart. As director

Arrut Navaraj says, traditional Thai Living recalls less complicated times. “How we live here is a glimpse

into the way Thai people used to live, and how a community  works.The Rose Garden is Thailand the

way it used to be - and perhaps the way it should be today.

The Rose Garden Riverside defies categorisation. Few labels really fit. While famed for its preservation

of Thailand’s natural and cultural heritage, it is at once relaxed and informal. And while activities are

always close at hand, you find corners which make you feel like you have all 70 acres to yourself.

It is best imagined as a living Thai village, the way they used to be in the kingdom. A place where staff are not just employees, but part of a community. A place that has grown organically. An environment tranquil and romantic in one corner, energetic and hands-on in the next. And a place where people truly matter.To experience The Rose Garden is to do three things. Unwind. Connect. Reflect. In that order. There’s nothing forced here. There is no rush. And just as in a village, while leaving may be difficult, returning is revisiting your friends. The welcome you get here comes with a warmth that feels as natural as the setting.

The fate of a single tree on the banks of the Ta Chine River first drew Dr Chamnan Yuvapurna to the land now known as The Rose Garden. It was 1962 and an eroding bank had caused a Pikul  or Bullet tree to start toppling into the river. Most of these trees are over 100 years old and worshipped by many Thai people for the benign spirits within them.

Sighting the tree from his boat, Dr Chamnan, a senior member of the Thai government, decided to rescue it. He bought the plot of land on which the tree was rooted, thinking it would make a nice family retreat for his wife and children. While just 32 kilometres southwest of Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom was then a quiet country district, with little development.

Who could have foreseen that the purchase of 1.6 acres of riverside land in a site with no road access would begin a legacy spanning three generations in Dr Chamnan’s family? Or that 40 years later, the same family property would stand at over 70 acres?

One simple act of preservation would soon become many.

Suchada Yuvaboon with her son Arrut Navaraj

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