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Once a vacation house was built, the care of the property was left to Dr Chamnan’s

remarkable wife, Khunying Valee. Surprisingly, she did not at first have a passion for

gardening. But visits to England sparked a fascination with roses.

“I think it actually happened accidentally,” her daughter Suchada Yuvaboon recounts.

“I was at school in England, and in the summer holidays she would visit me. She

got to enjoy the gardens there - especially Hampton Court which inspired her. The

wrought iron I think is a copy of Hampton Court.”

From these seeds began an ever-growing ‘jigsaw’. More adjacent land was bought

and soon the property’s eight acres of roses began supplying Bangkok, and

attracting weekend visitors. A restaurant was launched, an antique house purchased,

and a hospitality legacy began that would leave its imprint on Thailand’s tourism

nearly 50 years later. For it wasn’t only through landscaping that Khunying Valee would prove visionary.

As The Rose Garden’s reputation spread, the family continued to pour its energies into the property, which would become a driver for development of the Nakhon Pathom region.

Land once marginal was transformed into swathes of magnificent gardens, as neighbouring plots were sold to the family - and neighbouring villagers swapped farming for working at the property.

Wisely, many trees were planted - casuarina, tabebuia, mahogany, pikul, acacia, cassia, wattle, golden shower, flame trees and rain trees. What a transformation we see today from the bare, isolated property  Dr Chamnan first discovered.

The Rose Garden is now a full Botanical Park of 50 acres in size, employing a chief botanist and 68 full-time gardeners, each tending to specialised zones. A walk around reveals numerous varieties of jasmine, orchids, roses, bananas, rare native species and therapeutic herbs. Graced by wildlife including elephants, buffalo and flamingos, the property’s lawns and gardens are a frequent pilgrimage point for botany students, weddings and corporate parties alike - in a park now regarded as a national treasure.

Forty years ago, people felt that Thai houses were old-fashioned and out-dated. It was considered that if you were rich, you must have brick houses.  Suchada Yuvaboon

Believing in the timeless elegance of the Thai traditional house, Khunying Valee began purchasing and transplanting antique Thai houses, placing them along the property’s man-made lake.

The century-old teak houses are built without nails, meaning easy reconstruction with a new central pillar. Set on stilts at the lakeside, the houses are a picturesque trademark of The Rose Garden. Their polished wooden floors and common pavilion areas make a perfect place to sit in the afternoon and enjoy the warm breezes off the water.

Today, of course, many appreciate the houses again. Fitted with all the mod-cons - air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms - the houses are an elegant way to enjoy a slice of Traditional Thai Living.

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