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Inspired by what they saw in Hawaii, the family opened The Rose Garden’s cultural centre

in 1970. Expanded recently, the centre features “interactive” pavilions dedicated to Thai work,

arts and lifestyle.

It allows you to learn hands-on about every aspect of Thai culture - from rice cultivation to

martial arts, folk cooking styles and fruit carving to elephant care and training. In the afternoon,

a performance troupe entertains crowds with a lively display of music and dance that spans

the various Thai cultural groups from southern to northern extremes.

The award-winning cultural troupe has travelled the world promoting Thai culture and tourism.

Remarkably, all performers come from The Rose Garden’s staff, trained by a dance and martial arts teacher from the Fine Arts Department. Today the staff have themselves become trainers - sharing the roots of Traditional Thai Living with students, corporate groups and foreign guests.

Khunying Valee’s grandson Arrut Navaraj says training at The Rose Garden is conducted

in a traditional way. “We teach them more like the folks used to teach their kids,

passing over knowledge verbally. Learning from experience, learning from seeing. We want

it to have that kind of feel.” No tree should fall. And no person. If The Rose Garden was

unlike the real world, this was perfectly fine to matriarch Khunying Valee. In her eyes,

as the property developed, so should the local community. And just as the soil required

sustenance, the family invested time and energy into developing its own community.

Khun Suchada explains, “Maybe that’s Thailand as it used to be. We work as a team,

as a family. And we do need that here.

Today the property employs about 550, most from the local community. Most have been

here around 20 years. And they do many things - here, farmers can become cultural

performers.“Guests like to see familiar faces. We have customers who have been using

us for the past 30 years. Some of our seminar people - each time they come, they have

their favourite people to work with here. And in turn, our people understand what they want,

and their needs.”

The Rose Garden Story, ( now renamed Sampran Riverside )  How it all began

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