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Koh Samet Island, Rayong Province, Thailand

Located about 220 km  from the capital in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samet is about 13.1 square kilometres (5.1 sq mi) in size, and shaped somewhat like a letter T Along the length of the T (north-south) the island measures about seven km, and measures four km across the "t" (west-east). Forest remain blanket up to 80% of the total area.

Closest to the Rayong coast, lies the small island port village of Na Dan, commonly known as Koh Samet Village, with its popular nearby beach Hat Sai Gaew  the longest beach on Koh Samet. Most of Koh Samet's beach’s lie along the eastern shore of the island. Other beaches on the island include: Ao Phai, Ao Wai, Ao Kui Na Nai, Ao Cho, Ao Kui Na Nok, Ao Vong Duern, Cape Khut, Ao Toei, and Ao Korang at the southern tip, and Ao Prao on the western shore of the island. Just off the southern tip of the island consists of  three small rock-islands, Ko Jan (Moon Island; Koh San Chalam (Shark Fin Island), and Hin Khao (White Rock )

Koh Samet is one of the driest archipelagos in Thailand. Koh Samet gets significantly less rainfall than Rayong Province, even though it is only a few kilometres offshore. The island's "rainy season" extends only from May to July, but even during this season it has less rain that other islands in Thailand. The island despite being arid, consists of lush forested hills, covered with evergreen and deciduous forest and cajeput trees grow abundantly. Owing to the lack of rain, Koh Samet still ships in portable water to the island.

It is the biggest the islands of Kao Laem-ya and Samet islands National Park, covers an area of 6,000 rai, six km's. from the shore of Ban-pae. It is literary important and maintains many beauty spots. White sandy beach, sky clear water with corals around the island. Ideal for camping, swimming and snorkelling. The best part is many bays and the National Park Guard office unit two (Koh Samet) sited there. - Haad-Sai-Kaeo, wide and long beach, about two km's., on the East of the island. Paper white sandy beach, good for swimming and other activity. - Ao-phai , next to Haad-sai-kaeo, a small bay, private beach with bungalows available for tourists. - Ao-wong-duen, beautiful, oval shape bay. - Ao-wai,Aow-kiew, Aow-tien, lying along the east side of the island. Best spot for coral snorkelling. Specially at Ao-kiew that has a narrow dune about 500 m. wide, you can walk to the other side of the island, feel either east or west side of Koh-Samet. - Ao-pra-ka-rang, in the south, beautiful coral, snorkelling and close to view point. - Laem-yai-chong-Koh-jan, a lands-end in the south with forest stripe and meadow, rock in irregular shape, ideal for fishing but not swimming because water deep and strong turbulence. - Ao-prow, west side of the island with sloping beach and full of coconut palm trees, quiet and clean. It is the most beautiful sunset spot of Koh-Samet. Nearby tourist spot - Koh-kudi, eight km's. From the coast, small, covers area about 300 rai with two colonies, Koh-tam-kang-kow and Koh-tam-risi. Koh-kudi lays east of Samet island and sited National Park Guard office unit 1(Koh-kudi). Main attraction, sandy beach and peaceful nature. Pa-nil-mung-korn, south side of the island, adorn a panoramic view and coral along the shore. It is best for coral snorkelling, fishing and camping. Reptiles, big or small and no danger, can be seen plentiful on the land. - Koh-kluay, Koh-karm, and Koh-plai-tin, a virgin island amid the sea, 600 m. north of Koh-kudi. The two islands are connected by sand dune and roc, this can be seen when low tide, total area is small, only 600 rai. Koh-plai-tin is 400m.tr’s away from  the first two. Camping and beautiful coral snorkelling is ideal. Most coral has never been blasted by fisherman. - Koh-jan, smallest among all islands, area about ten rai, sited far south of Samet island, 600 mtr’s. away from Hua-laem-yai. Mostly rocky, less soil, deep water and good for fishing but not for night camping ( beautiful coral around the island). - Koh-ta-lu, six km's. East of Koh-kudi, area 400 rai. The surrounding is still untouched and the main attraction that became the name of the island is a natural bridge connecting to the north island allows a hole for sea water to run through. This the real identity. Physically a jungle while east and south sides are big white sandy beach, suitable for camping. West side is steep rocky area for hundreds of seagulls to reside. June-July, nesting time and the cliff whitened with seagulls, sea tortoises lay eggs on the beach, big bats also hanging there. Coral can be sighted around the island. Specially at the east side beach, coral spread cover an area of ten rai. It is ideal for scuba diving. A paradise on the east coast. For information and reservation: contact Kao-laem-ya and Samet islands National Park 79 moo 1, Haadmaelumpung-Pae Road, Kon-aow, Tambon Pae, Amphor Muang, Rayong. 211610. Tel./fax 0 3865 3034.

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