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Saraburi Province, Districts and Distances to neighbouring towns



























Distances from Amphoe Muang to neighbouring

Amphoes :

Sao Hai                          8 Km.

Kaeng Khoi                  15 Km.

Chaloem Phra Kiat      20 Km.

Nong Khae                   21 Km.

Nong Saeng                 25 Km.

Phra Phutthabat           28 Km.

Wihan Daeng               28 Km.

Ban Mo                        30 Km.

Muak Lek                     38 Km.

Nong Don                    38 Km.

Don Phut                     42 Km.

Wang Muang               64 Km.


Distances from Saraburi to neighbouring provinces:

Lop Buri                          46 Km.

Nakhon Nayok                58 Km.

Prachin Buri                   86 Km.

Nakhon Ratchasima    152 Km.

Food and Dairy Products


Products from the Dairy Farming Promotion Organisation of Thailand, Muak Lek cooperatives and private organizations are sold, including sweet beef, salted beef, curry puff, vegetables and seasonal fruit like Nong Saeng mangoes, oranges, watermelons, custard apple, and cauliflowers. They are sold at Muak Lek district and the markets.

Local Hand-Woven Fabrics


The distinctive style of northeastern fabrics like Tin Chok silk and Matmi silk of the Thai Yuan people are sold at Tam on Ton Tan, Tambon Sao Hai, Tambon Tao Phun in Khaeng Khoi district and Tambon Nong Khae in Phra Phutthabat district.

Saraburi Province Page 1, The Facts and Provincial Seal
Saraburi Province Page 3,Wat Phra Phutthabat

The Province  is sub divided into 13 Districts ( Amphoe )

The Districts are further sub Divided ito 111 Communes

( Tambon ) and then 965 Villages ( Muban )




1.  Mueang Saraburi

2.  Kaeng Khoi

3.  Nong Khae

4.  Wihan Daeng

5.  Nong Saeng

6.  Ban Mo

7. Don Phut

8.  Nong Don

9.  Phra Phutthabat

10. Sao Hai

11. Muak Lek

12. Wang Muang

13. Chaloem Phra Kiat