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Wat Chanthaburi is located at Ban Mueang Kao, Mu 6, Mueang Kao Sub-district, one kilometre beyond the District Office. Take Highway No. 3041. The temple is on the right side. There is a clear direction sign to the temple. The admirable points are the Ubosot, constructed in 1893 during the reign of King Rama III in brick and cement with a gable roof, Cho Fa - gable finial - and Bai Raka - crockets - on the roof. The gable is decorated with stucco relief and crockery. Inside are mural paintings of the similar period as the Ubosot which remain perfect and beautiful, depicting the gathering of angels and story of the Lord Buddha.

Weaving Centre of Tambon Ban Ton Tan  it was originated from a group of unemployed women but would

like to make use of their free time and create more income for their families. This centre is a complete

learning venue for youth and the public. There are various kinds of woven fabric on display such as loincloth,

plain coloured cloth, Pha Si Khao, and fabric in the Dok Phikun – bullet wood flower – pattern, which is

a traditional Thai Yuan style. To get there: Take Highway No. 3041 and turn right on to Highway No. 3341

until reaching Ban Pak Bang. Enter the same entrance as Wat Ton Tan. The centre is near the temple.

Thanon Phrachao Songtham or Thanon Farang Song Klong: A road constructed during the reign of King Songtham who reigned from 1611 to 1628. At present, about nine kilometres of the path can still be seen. It starts opposite Wat Sang Sok. It was changed into a laterite and concrete road with a width of 6-8 metres.

Samnak Song Tham Krabok  A well-known rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. This monastic residence was established by a Buddhist nun, Mian Panchan, in 1957.

Bo Phran Lang Nuea  is a small stone well near the temple. At the mouth of the well are knee prints. There are stone slopes and a deep hole the size of a milk can near the well. The water that flows from the hole is believed to be holy water. According to legend, Bun, a hunter who found Lord Buddha's Footprint, washed game meat at this well by kneeling down and the small hole was made from his spear which was stuck into the ground. There is a continuous flow of water from the well.

Phra Tamnak Than Kasem This palace was built in 1633 during the reign of King Prasat Thong as his residence on his royal visit to pay respect to Phra Phutthabat. The base of the palace remains.

Pa Sak Jolasid Dam  It was selected as one Unseen Thailand Destinations. It is the longest earth filled dam in Thailand with a length of 4,860 metres along the crest.

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