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Tham Narai or Tham Khao Wong  It is a cave containing stalagmites and stalactites as well as ancient Mon scripts at the entrance of the cave.


Phra Tamnak Thai Phikun, the Ancient Palace  In the present, there are no remains left of the actual palace. Only the royal elephant mounting platform and the surrounding wall is left.


Tham Phrathat Charoen Tham or Tham Bo Pla  The cave is divided into three big rooms. In the cave resides Luangpho Yai, a stucco Buddha image with black lacquer applied and covered with gold leaf in the gesture of subduing Mara. It is from the Ayutthaya period.


Pha Sadet  It is the cliff where King Rama V and the Queen resided when the Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima railway was constructed in 1895. Both of them also inscribed their royal initials, Cho Pho Ro and So Pho at the cliff.


Tham Phra Phothisat  A base relief from the Dvaravati period can be found on the cave wall, depicting the preaching Buddha as well as Hindu gods. Outside the cave are many trees of various kinds as well as the royal initials, Cho Pho Ro, inscribed by King Rama V when he visited the waterfall. It consists of Tham Thammathat, Tham Lumphini, a stone garden and Tham Sa-ngat Chedi.


Khao Phra Phutthabat Noi features undulating steep limestone mountains comprising of many pointed summits. Inside lies a replica of the Buddha’s footprint, around 1 cubit wide and 3 cubits long imprinted deep into the ground.


Phra Bowon Ratchawang Si Tha  The compound of this residence was very large, covering an area of about 150 rai. There remains the lotus base for a wooden house made of brick and cement. There is an area of around 4 rai left which the Kamnan - village headman, Mr. Suphat Ritthichampha, has reserved as a public area.


Ban Dong Nam Bo Archaeological Site  It is a cemetery where burial ceremonies were conducted and an archaeological site of the Pa Sak River culture. Also, iron and stone tools, jewellery, bangles and beads, aged about 2,000 years, were discovered.



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