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Nature Study Routes  There are 3 overall. The first route is from the sightseeing spot located 12 kilometres from the centre. The second route is from Sap Pa Wan Reservoir to Hin Dat Waterfall. The third route is from Sap Pa Wan Reservoir to Namtok Chet Khot Nuea, Klang and Tai. Other waterfalls found in the area and nearby are equally splendid. Significant are the Namtok Khao Khaep, the Namtok Krok Fa Phanang and the Namtok Sap Pa Wan.


Sekeikyuseikyo Thai Headquarters  lies the tropical Miroku Botanic Garden. There is also a pool, marble sculptures in various shapes, and a Japanese garden with a beautiful landscape. On the other side of the project lies an organic demonstration vegetable plot by using the Effective Micro organisms (EM) technology: a use of a micro-organism to reduce pollution in the environment.


Rafting along the Pa Sak River  The natural surroundings on both sides of the river is beautiful. The mountains line up along the rafting route. At some parts stones and cliffs can be seen with strange shapes, similar to animals.


Bencha Sutthi Khongkha refers to the sacred water from 1 of the 5 important rivers that flows through Sao Hai District, which has been used in the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony from the reign of King Rama IV until the present time. When the king travelled by boat, he dropped by and took a bath at the Rat (Raja) Pier. The king was pleased with the cool, deep-running and calm water and had the water in this area taken to undergo an incantation ceremony at Wat Phra Phutthabat before being used in the coronation ceremony, as well as, other royal rites in the palace. The sacred water was taken from 5 rivers; namely, the Chao Phraya River (from Ang Thong), the Phetchaburi River (from Phetchaburi), the Ratchaburi  River (from Samut Sakhon), the Bang Pakong River (from Nakhon Nayok) and the Pa Sak River (from Saraburi) and, therefore, originated the name of  Bencha Sutthi Khongkha  or five pure rivers.


Tham Thep Nimit Than Thong Daeng  It is a prehistoric archaeological site. Artefacts of the late Neolithic period were discovered here.


Phai Tam Sub-district Bird Garden   The garden covers an area of approximately 3 rai and is the residence of more than 17 species of birds. These birds always find their food early in the morning and fly back to their nest at dust.










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